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Motorists Across Britain Flocking to Oxfordshire

OXFORDSHIRE - England - Thousands of British motorists have been flocking to the county after hundreds of speed cameras were switched off last night at midnight.

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“I can drive normally, oh my god, I was crying so hard, it was so beautiful,” Tony Woodford, 31, from London told the BBC.

Normally when motorists drive on British roads they are confronted by a speed camera nearly every mile of the road, some are even peppered every 200 metres on any given stretch of the UK’s road network.

Speed cameras were introduced by the previous Labour government to fleece Britain’s motorists out of millions of pounds every year, and thankfully the new coalition government are thinking of reducing the number of cameras.

“Labour’s War on Motorists”

“I usually drive by speeding up then slamming on the brakes every few yards when I see a speed camera. Thanks to the new coalition government I can actually drive my car in a straight f*cking line without wearing out my brake pads and endangering other cars on the f*cking road. Do you know what it’s like having to slow down all the f*cking time when there’s no need to? What about the cameras that were cynically hidden behind road signs and under bridges just to catch out motorists driving normally and make money? Well, during the Labour War on Motorists we were punished and exploited so that Labour could fund their tin pot schemes that amounted to nothing. Thank you whoever decided to take down the cameras,” a jubilant resident of Oxfordshire told the Daily Mail.

“We’ve seen motorists coming from Newcastle, Bristol, John O’Groats, Dorset, Lands End and especially London,” an AA spokesman said on Tuesday.

Speed cameras never saved any lives and in fact endangered motorists with most slowing down dangerously to avoid incurring a costly fine and points on their licence. We can only hope that the cameras are taken down across the whole of the UK and not just in Oxfordshire.

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