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Gordon Brown Talking to Furniture These Days Says Wife

FIFE - Scotland - Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown likes to talk to furniture, at home as well as in the streets, his wife has revealed in the Daily Mirror.

Gordon Brown Wants to Come Back to Lead Labour at Next...

FIFE - Scotland - Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants to get back into front line politics and is even aiming for the Labour leadership again.

Gordon Brown 'Bath Salts' Rampage in Fife

FIFE - Scotland - Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has been on a 'bath salts' drug induced rampage in Dunfermline's City Centre, reports from local media are saying.

Gordon Brown Loses False Eye During Queen's Jubilee Service

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown's false eye popped out and fell in between Sally Bercow's cleavage during a service commemorating the Queen's 60th Golden Jubilee.

Gordon Brown to Save the World Again

KIRKCALDY - Scotland - Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has come out of hiding to save the world from economic disaster again.

Gordon Brown Wants You to Remember Him Every Day of Your...

DALIAN - China - Former unelected British prime minister, Gordon Brown, wants people to remember his face as they deal with the huge hurdles of economic disaster put in front of them every day.

Gordon Brown to Become Dentist

FIFE - Scotland - Former prime minister, Gordon Brown, has qualified to become a dentist, according to news media reports.

U.K. Used to Have Fourth Largest Gold Reserves Until Gordon Brown...

FIFE - Scotland - One of the main reasons the U.K. is so vulnerable today and susceptible to economic misery, is because when Gordon Brown was Chancellor during the Blair years, he sold off all of Britain's gold at the bottom of the market.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Labour-ite Scorned

LONDON - England - Rupert Murdoch switched sides from Labour to Conservative after Blair was ousted by Brown and Balls. Things went downhill rapidly for the Labour government until they were finally ousted by the Con Dem partnership. Now it is revenge time.

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair Invited to Daily Squib Offices Instead...

LONDON - England - After being snubbed by the royal family, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, accepted our invitation to come to the Daily Squib offices today.

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