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Gordon Brown Loses False Eye During Queen's Jubilee Service

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown's false eye popped out and fell in between Sally Bercow's cleavage during a service commemorating the Queen's 60th Golden Jubilee.

Former prime minister, Gordon Brown, was in a spot of bother as his glass eye literally popped out of its socket landing right in between Mrs Bercow’s pouting cleavage.

“It was all caught on camera, Gordo was ogling her two little gypsies and dreaming of giving her a pearl necklace, when pop went his glass eye with all the excitement. His wife Sarah was obviously not very happy about it and gave him a black eye when they got back home later in the day,” ITN reporter, David O’Hanrohanrohan said after the service had ended.

Sally Bercow, who is not a shrinking violet, was then seen taking the eyeball from her cleavage, spit shining it, then popping it back in Mr Brown’s socket, all the while loving the attention from everyone including the Queen and assembled royal family.

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