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Britons Will Lose Benefits Under New EU Plan

FRANKFURT - EU - Britons will lose benefits in a new deal constructed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and David Cameron in order to limit migrant influx.

No Brexit Plan Says Osborne Because We Will Ensure Britain Stays...

LONDON - England - No Brexit Plan says George Osborne. His statement is an arrogant signal that the vote is already confirmed.

What Churchill Really Thought of the European Union

KENT - England - Sir Winston Churchill, the man who was beloved by the British people for his role in World War II and the Islands he helped to save from the Nazis is now much removed from the land he knew.

UKIP Leader in Danger of Ending Up in Belgian Dungeon

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Britain's UK Independence Party MEP, Nigel Farage was today in hiding after an outburst he made to the unelected EU's president did not go down very well.

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