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WIFI SNOOPING: Is the BBC Turning into a Creepy Evil Organisation?

SALFORD - England - With news that Auntie is now morphing into Big Auntie and will be going around our streets monitoring our web habits, is this a confirmation that the BBC is in fact an evil creepy organisation?

‘Impartial’ BBC Leading Light For ‘StrongerIn’ Campaign

MANCHESTER - England - The BBC used to be impartial but isn't any more, especially during the EU referendum campaign.

Saying Goodbye to Britain

LONDON - England - Britain is lost, it has already been overrun, and the real power wants to keep it that way with the final sell-off to the EU.

New Politically Correct Top Gear Made Me Cry Says Viewer

SCUNTHORPE - England - Chris Evans has announced that he is to front the BBC Top Gear show after the original Clarkson team were all sacked.

BBC Forced to be Impartial at Gun Point

SALFORD - England - THE BBC could be forced at gun point to be neutral during the in/out referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

BBC to do a HIGNFY on Top Gear

SALFORD - England - Looks like Jeremy Clarkson is to be Angus Deaytoned, as is the customary response from the BBC towards anyone who either gets too big for their boots or gets tripped up somehow by some unsavoury internal political sting.

BBC Solution to Jeremy Clarkson Debacle Found

SALFORD - England - If the BBC replaced the soft Leftist white male pinko media students it employs as producers, and put in car mechanics as producers of the highly rated Top Gear show, Jeremy Clarkson could be reinstated as the show's host by next week.

BBC to Replace Top Gear Presenter Clarkson With Married Lesbian Feminist...

SCUNTHORPE - England - The BBC already has a replacement for the erstwhile fracas prone Jeremy Clarkson.

BBC Licence Fee is Brilliant Say Majority Britons

SALFORD - England - Who wouldn't want to pay the BBC TV Licence fee? Many Britons think it is very good value for money.

Until the BBC Uses Blue Colour Scheme Only Then Will There...

SALFORD - England - The BBC used to have a reputation for being balanced but the last few decades has seen it choose to report predominantly from one side.

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