BBC-Approved Socialist ‘Comedian’ Kumar Literally Dies On Stage

LONDON - England - It is a joy to have seen some BBC-approved left-wing echo chamber proselytizing 'comedian' being booed off a stage.

In a land where structured BBC PC template comedy only now extends to anti-Brexit, anti-Tory, anti-patriarchy rants by socialist approved BBC comedians, it was rather refreshing to see the insipid fat-headed socialist darling, Nish Kumar, another token Indian comedian, having bread rolls and assorted cutlery thrown at his bulbous stinking head during another one of his anti-Brexit rants at a venue in London.

There are alternative comedians out there, however if they show even an inkling of approving of Brexit, or any thought other than is accepted in PC BBC socialist manuals, they are immediately removed from any circuit.

The BBC has invariably sanitised and defiled satire to a level that is so insipid and lame, it could easily be dripped into the sewer it belongs in, and never seen again, it is that forgetful. Every day on the BBC, we see the same approved uncreative so-called ‘comedians’ ranting about the same thing, one after another, in some unholy chorus, an echo chamber of Islingtonian socialist morals, who all sip their Prosecco, and shop at Waitrose whilst virtue signalling to great choruses of approval from the biased robotic NPC BBC audience bots.

The canned laughter of the BBC today, is a far-flung distance away from the days of Python, Cook, Morris or the freedom of comedic expression of the seventies, eighties and nineties.

One day, maybe there will be true self-expression in comedy, where comedians and satirists will be able to truly express themselves on mainstream TV, but somehow this dream is a mirage, a mere blip on a cloud in some distant galaxy, until then, be force fed to sup on the putrid mediocre Daily Mush, and the usual shite, the simpering self-aggrandizing, back slapping champagne socialist Toksvigs, the militant Marxist Thomas’, and the hairy bull dyke Brands ready with BBC-approved pots of battery acid to throw into unsuspecting politician faces.

Tis a shame that there can only be one model for the BBC, their world view so limited that it makes those who know the full depth and frequency of life and comedy switch off completely. Turn it off, cancel the TV licence, and many thousands of people daily are doing that, cancelling their BBC tax, because to pay the salaries of these suppurating moronic parasitic cunts on that channel would be a true affront to any real satire, any real discourse, any real comedy. These people deserve nothing, because they are not doing it from the heart, they are not real, they are mere robots being controlled by their controller Marxist masters in the BBC control room and their BBC tax salaries.