Microphones These Days Are Way Too Powerful

LONDON - England - Microphones can pick up conversations from afar, much to the distress of some NATO delegates.

You can pick up the sound of a pin drop from across a crowded room, or even a subtle fart let out in a football crowd. Are microphones getting too powerful these days?

This is the question, maybe Donald Trump, is asking as it turns out the people who were smiling at his face earlier on in the day were actually laughing behind his back at the NATO summit by the evening.

One thing that the Teflon Don does best is to weather the bad words said against his good person very well, it’s like water off a duck’s back, quack, quack!

“That Justin Trudeau is a two faced blacked up son of a bitch. Canada’s gonna pay up the 2% if I have to lift that guy up by his feet and give him a good shakin'” Trump murmured after seeing the footage.

Trump may be a laughingstock but at least he’s trying to do something about something, whilst the others simply dither and whimper behind their curtains.

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