FSB Building Moscow Jeremy Corbyn Agent Cob Depositphotos_118939048_l-2015
Jeremy Corbyn (Agent Cob) pictured outside the FSB Lubyanka building in Meshchansky District of Moscow, Russia. October, 2017

The former 1980s Soviet agent, Agent Cob, who gave away British secrets to Russia, is once again working for his bosses in the Kremlin by trying to pass hacked and doctored ‘NHS’ documents from Russian hackers to damage Britain’s standing in the world.

Agent Cob, also known as Comrade Corbyn, who is now the leader of the Labour party is seeking election by peddling classified government documents which originated in Russia, which were posted on the Reddit site by a Russian hacking group called “Secondary Infektion” in late October.

Agent Cob Moscow
Agent Cob exiting the KGB office in Moscow, 1980s

Secondary Infektion used fabricated or altered documents to try to spread false narratives online, and stemmed from a network of social media accounts that Facebook said “originated in Russia”.

The Russian documents were last week distributed by Agent Cob at a press conference in central London, during which he claimed they provided evidence that Boris Johnson was preparing to put the NHS on the table.

Labour has refused to say whether they obtained the documents from Reddit or directly from the Kremlin.

In a statement last night, Reddit said the accounts appeared to show a “pattern of co-ordination” that suggested it was part of a group known as “Secondary Infektion”.

agent cob soviet spy proof
Czech document revealing Jeremy Corbyn as a Soviet spy contact

Agent Cob flatly denied he was working directly with the Russian government to interfere with the British elections on Friday at an impromptu press conference in London.

“Comrades, Bolshevik warriors, workers of the Red Labour party, our Russian brothers who seek to meddle with the upcoming election in Britain have told me through my reliable channels that it is not their hacking assistance that gave me the NHS documents but instead it was a direct communication via the FSB (formerly the KGB) I received whilst in my Islington dacha in October. My dear Russian comrades are only doing their jobs, as I am doing mine to spread as much fake news and misinformation as possible to affect the election. When I was a full time Soviet agent in the 1980s, I would regularly meet with my Czech handler and hand over vital British secrets to the Kremlin. Nothing really has changed since those wonderful days, and I am still a ‘useful idiot’ stooge to my Kremlin masters, however I also hold allegiance to Hezbollah, Hamas, and the IRA, so I am an equal opportunities traitor to Britain. I know you will vote for me, because you are brainwashed dumbed down socialists who also detest Britain deep down. Thank you for your vote, and let us together destroy Britain from the inside out with the help of our Russian comrades.”

To great applause from the audience who went to see Agent Cob deliver his speech, there seemed to be great support for the treachery and treason that Comrade Corbyn commits day in day out without any form of justice against his nefarious clandestine anti-British practices.

The despicable people who vote for Agent Cob and his mob of communists in the Labour party are effectively committing treason, and anti-Semitic sentiment that would make even Goebbels blush.

“Yes, I am an anti-Semite, I admit it fully. I detest all Jews with a profound hatred, because they dared to claim some land for themselves. Something which every nation and people in the world have attempted, but because they are Jews, they do not have a right to conquer land, only others do, but not Jews. It is in my capacity as Labour leader to therefore commit a pogrom against the awful Jews once I become Prime Minister of Soviet Britain. Are there any Jews in this audience? (one man puts his hand up) Security! Remove the Jew rat from here. We do not want such filthy creatures in our audience,” Comrade Corbyn, added to even greater cheers from his doting audience.