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Do Not Fear Robot Microchip Revolution

SILICON VALLEY - USA - There is nothing to fear. Amongst the thousands of news articles dedicated to fear of the new technology that is becoming available daily, having nano particles inside your body and brain will enhance your experience.

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“When you go under, that’s it, you won’t be the same person ever again. Your consciousness will be superseded by the hive mind, as is already happening on social networks on the limited 2d internet now. Your future is full immersion, an experience that will overtake your own natural thoughts, and you will not even know who you were before. For the programmers, this will be a defining moment in control, and who is to say that machines will not programme you, sentient beings artificially adjusting their own algorithms as they expand their reach.

“Higher up the chain, are the programmers and those who dictate their vision for you in the sandbox. All these people now on Facebook and Twitter and other social media are mere participants in a sandbox universe created by others, their vision for you in the ghettoised universe is one not unlike a farm. You are the farm animals freely participating in their vision, and the future will be no different, but it will be all immersive where the smart phone will be in your own head, you will not be able to look away or put it down.

“Human hormones affect behaviour, and there will be no need for those, as your behaviour will be regulated, your emotions stilled and your thoughts processed. How you think, every neuron, every pathway, every tendril will be assimilated with nano technology, with chips that will interface seemlessly within the noosphere.

“You will be one with the machines, and within forty years, human 2.0 will have no need for stomachs, or even lungs to breathe, because of nanotechnology providing all essential nutrients and life sustaining chemicals and gasses to the body directly.

“Advanced humans will be able to communicate without speaking, and hold conversations with thousands of others simultaneously. The synthesis and merging of flesh with technology will give humans the ability to live forever as long as technological advances are made, although this embellishment will only be reserved for the highest and richest of participants. The rest can be switched off at any time, especially if someone is seen to fight the technology or process in any way.

“What about religion? For those concepts have been programmed into you from a young age through religious leaders and your parents, they may also be programmed into your advanced shell, an allegiance to whatever is the tool for your digital dream or fantasy.

“You will not be able to fight it, you will be drawn into it, and your every regulated thought thereafter will seem perfectly normal as was your previous existence which will then be a long forgotten memory.

“The higher up in the echelon you get, programmes will naturally vary, as the governors will hold all-encompassing and control effecting technology that the lower echelons will not.

“Close your eyes, and when you awake, you will not realise who, or what you were, but your consciousness will be something else, a distant memory may sometimes creep in but adjustments in real time will over a period erase all that passed, as the future does not dabble in the past or the old, it only sees now and what is to come.

“There will be no crime, no dissent, no fear, no violence, no protest, just manageable stasis, a normalcy unrivalled in human history.”


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