Kate Middleton is How Every Wife Should Behave

Brisbane - AUSTRALIA - Modern women need to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in serving their husbands.

If you haven’t been living in an alternate universe, or some secluded island in the Pacific ocean without any access to the media, you will no doubt have come across multiple stories and picture exclusives of Kate Middleton (AKA The Duchess of Cambridge) everywhere with her husband the Duke of Cambridge.

Psychologist and royal physician, Professor Alan Tenderton, has said a few words about the Duchess and how every woman should treat her husband like Kate Middleton.

“Women need to treat their husbands like Kate treats William. She is totally compliant, subservient and is completely loyal to her husband William. I don’t know any man who would not want such a wife. She has shown herself to be completely dedicated to being a good wife and mother. This is what women today should be concentrating on, in serving their husbands, in a selfless loving manner, not answering back, not arguing and not trying to get one over the masculine as a lot of women do today. Kate not only looks good but radiates devotion to her man and she does not need to voice her opinions on anything until asked. Girls need to be taught at a young age to serve men, in all things, to accompany them and to step back from feminism, which is the antithesis of harmonious relationships with the sexes.”