Study: World Still Stunted by Christianity

LONDON - England - With all the great philosophers, artists, scientists, creators, throughout history, why is the human race still bogged down by Christianity or any other form of divisive religion?

A group of theologians reveal excerpts from a paper elucidating the wonders of organised religion.

“Naturally in every religion there are good and bad people, for example there are those in the Christian priesthood who utilise the belief in god to commit sodomy on young children, and lest we forget the Christian missionaries in South America who first baptised babies then bashed their brains out on the rocks to save them.

“The basic shell of being a Christian is meant to be of goodness, of love, but its history and future is peppered with murder, deceit and horror. Christianity has been a dividing force in the world ever since its unholy conception. I am right, you are wrong, oh yeah? Let’s fight over who is right. All religions create conflict, disharmony and ultimately war, maybe this division of humanity was the main purpose of organised mass religion.

“As in all forms of religion, Christianity is simply a control mechanism and a tool to rationalise death, but it goes way deeper than that facile concept. It is generational, and children are formed into its control system from birth, without choice. This is the ultimate sin for any human to endure, wherein they are forcibly indoctrinated as children into a generational tradition of demonic mass mind control.

“The Christian clique is ultimately one of being white skinned, and pure, with glistening spires, cherubic choirs where communities are looked after, where family values are adhered to and where people can find support in times of need, which is not a bad thing at all, if it weren’t for the false belief system it is entrenched in. These simple concepts of family, caring and goodness, existed before Christianity and are not exclusive to religion, although they have been hijacked by the Christians and are mentioned every time a Christian feels threatened of being unmasked as a charlatan. This is the exclusive club of Christianity, and it is a group think endeavour which encompasses 1,500 years of indoctrination. You cannot exist as a human without beingĀ  part of a club they shout but this is the insidious nature of religion, its inter-generational form of control is something that cannot be dissipated easily, simply because of age, it is what these people believe in, and their fathers and mothers, grandfathers, and so on. However, that is not to say that simply age should be the ultimate seal of approval. It just means that millions of people were deceived for 1,500 years and continue to be deceived even today, in an era of science and fact.

“Due to the forced Missionary indoctrinations, other races were eventually assimilated and forcibly indoctrinated into Christianity. They were also ordered to pray to a blond haired, blue eyed Jesus, and they complied. Now those of a different race are even more evangelical than the original Goyim, who branched off from the Hebrew side hundreds of years ago.

“Trying to argue with a Christian creationist evangelist or someone who takes every word from the Bible literally is absolutely pointless. They have already been lost, there is nothing you can say or do to help them in their plight, therefore the only solution in dealing with this form of mental illness is to simply walk away from it. The level of control these people are under is immense, because their brains truly believe in the man written words of their god, they believe wholeheartedly that Jesus walked on water, and turned water into wine, they also believe that they are right whatever you may say or show to them.

“It is totally irrational that a human being would believe one single word from the Bible, simply because it is a piece of fiction amalgamating previous pagan myths and stories then compiled by multiple writers hundreds of years ago to produce a powerful allegorical control system for the illiterate masses. The use of linguistics would not be utilised by an ‘entity’, especially in the antiquated literary technique of the Bible. Why would a God utilise human linguistics for communication limited to one tiny period in human history anyway?

“As politicians like Tony Blair, George W Bush and David Cameron use the veil of Christianity for their own actions, for a moment one might think this is an isolated incident, however looking through the history books would prove otherwise. Politicians and royalty of the past have all masked the ‘kindness’ of Christianity to commit despicable acts of violence and introduce draconian laws inhibiting human freedom. By masking their true intentions, they can merely claim they were doing ‘good’ because it’s their Christian belief.

“Have we moved on as a human race? No, is the simple answer. The human race continues to be forever stuck with this Bible pulling us back to the medieval era, with this horrific book under the arm of soldiers battering other humans to death, justifying the deaths of millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s okay to kill millions of people because we did it for our religion, it’s okay to command a drone over an Afghan village killing hundreds of women and children because it was for Jesus.

“The Nazis, mostly Lutheran protestants and Catholics were positive Christians and utilised Christianity to murder millions of Jews, because after all the Son of God was himself killed by the Jew, and this justified the terrible act.

“If God created everything, he also created the Christian Devil. With this in mind, God is the Devil, as he is a part of him, and without that part God would not exist. One and the same, God and the Devil are the manifestation of Christianity and pretty much every destructive Abrahamic religion. To accept one, you must accept the other, therefore, Saturn rules the Christians and they worship blood, dripping from the embers of a paradoxical lie designed to deceive you, to hypnotise you, to seduce you. Be a good Christian, you must accept Saturn into your heart for he is God, and he feeds off your hypocrisy every single moment in this distressing universe you have created for yourselves.

“The hypocrisy and satanic nature of the Catholic church is particularly interesting, as the amount of wealth they have accumulated over the centuries from their plundering deceit is enormous. The paedophile priests and popes within this organisation are the embodiment of evil, because they profess to do good, but in reality are debauched criminals and con men, revelling in riches sacked from the brainwashed herds of cult followers all the while preaching ‘goodness’.

“All organised religions are a form of mass control insidious in nature, and demonic. To have masses of people do things in unison is hypnotism at work, because these people have had their consciousness formed by the deceivers. This is the ultimate deception in religion, taking away human natural consciousness and replacing it with something that they constructed. See you in hell, ah, we are there already, we all know hell is earth controlled by religious maniacs, making their own hell for you to stand in. There is no escape..Enjoy…”