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Demented Biden Was Shaking the Hands of Ghosts Who Voted For Him

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Paranormal experts reveal that Joe Biden was talking to ghosts after another one of his disastrous speeches.


The sad figure of a confused and demented Joe Biden shaking hands with thin air after his latest mumbling incoherent speech has been confirmed by ghost experts that Biden was in fact shaking hands with ghosts.

“During the election in 2020, Democrat states were submitting hundreds of thousands of ballots from deceased people. When these fake ballots endorsing Biden were questioned by some election watchers, the Democrats simply ignored the damning data and the media ghosted the story citing conspiracy theories. Well, it was all true. Joe Biden, wracked with guilt talks to the dead voters who were put on those ballots. He thanks them for helping him to steal the US elections and permanently damage democracy in America by perverting the entire system fraudulently,” Dominic Goldfeign, a ghost hunter from Arlington, Virginia revealed.

Biden’s wife also confirms the story.

“Every night before I put Joe into his cupboard where he stands until the morning staring into space, he thanks his imaginary voters as well as the dead people on all his ballot papers. He also thanks all the postal votes with no names on them sent in their millions. The ghosts talk to him as well, he says they are happy to have defrauded the US election system and help him fuck up America.”


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