Jill Biden Reveals Why Joe Biden Wears Sunglasses at All Times

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Dr Jill Biden reveals to reporters why her husband Joe Biden wears sunglasses all the time.

joe biden sunglasses jill biden

Professor Dr Dean of Delaware University, Dr Jill Biden, has revealed why Joe Biden wears dark sunglasses all the time, even when inside buildings.

“It’s quite simple really. Joe wears sunglasses everywhere because of his eyes, well there’s no life there. Joe’s gotta dead stare, like there’s nothing behind there, see. He said he doesn’t wanna spook people out. You know, most people have a little life in their eyes, you can tell if something is dead or alive from looking at the eyes, right? In Joe’s case, there’s nothing. He can only stare forward and never blinks. In fact, since marrying him, I have never seen Joe blink once. There is no light there, just sunken blackness, and the impression of death.”

One reporter for MSNBC asked Dr Jill Biden whether Mr Biden wears sunglasses in bed? 

“I don’t know. We haven’t slept together since 1990. Every night I put him in his cupboard where he stands there until the morning just staring out with a blank look on his face. Recently, though, his doctors have advised I give him formaldehyde injections just to keep his flesh from rotting or, god forbid, falling off. Can you imagine that? It would be all over Twitter or some other terrible internet place,” Jill added emphatically.

Now we all know, although many have suspected something was not right for a very long time.