Illegal Economic Migrant Safari Trip to Rwanda a Big Hit

DOVER - England - Economic migrants who cross the Channel illegally are to be sent to sunny Rwanda, Africa.

Rwanda safari economic migrants

“Wahey! We made it across the Channel. I now demand a full inclusive Benefits package and a free home as well as all NHS resources.

“Hang on a minute. Why have we been put on a plane on a one-way-trip to Rwanda bang in the middle of Africa? Aaargh!!!”

One can imagine the sheer terror of the economic migrants, 98% male who pay people traffickers huge sums of money to cross the Channel in dinghies assisted by the French navy to illegally enter the UK, being told that they are to be shipped to Rwanda.

Each dinghy full of people brings in £250,000 to the people trafficking gangs, a ruthless evil trade in human misery. Each dinghy is an endorsement of the value of human trafficking as a legitimate lucrative trade.

Economic migrants
This Rwanda safari is brilliant.

Naturally, the do-gooder virtue-signalling socialist and human rights contingent are up in arms and spitting bile. Certainly, we need human rights for things like atrocities in the Ukraine war committed by Russians, but men seeking a cushy life on British Benefits and economic hand-outs for doing nothing should not even be considered. Why not stay in France? Do the French people stink of too much garlic? What about the four-star Michelin restaurants, do they not sate the palates of these economic migrants?

As the parasitic lawyers get ready at the starting post before the feeding frenzy begins, there is an air of derision amongst many quarters of Britain’s socialist infrastructure. It is nigh on impossible for any responsible policy to be introduced by the government without being cut down first by the baying woke mob of Marxists who have infiltrated every part of British society.

The dangerous dinghy journeys across the Channel are thus daily encouraged by the socialist champagne swilling media elites who would never be seen within a few yards from a stinking economic migrant just off a fucking dinghy.

As for the oversubscribed crumbling edifice of the NHS, the socialists who created the wonderful national health service did not factor in that they would have to accommodate half of the Third World population. Beveridge and his colleagues must be spinning in their graves at the stupidity of it all.

It’s not rocket science. There’s no fucking room left. Britons can’t get an appointment with their GP anymore. People are waiting years for routine operations. It’s simple. How much burden can the state and taxpayer take? Why can’t the socialists get that into their thick fucking heads?

The streets of Britain are not paved with gold. It’s to Rwanda with you. Look on the bright side, sunshine is a rarity in the UK, but plentiful in Africa. Enjoy the safari and maybe don’t bother sending a postcard.