News That’s Beyond Satire – Edition V

LONDON - England - Beyond satire? What is so far off the scale that it is beyond any form of comprehension or label? Welcome to another episode of beyond, beyond everything.

beyond satire

‘Insulate Britain’ Block INSULATION Truck

Yes, you couldn’t make this shit up even if you tried. Serial eco super gluers, Insulate Britain blocked the way for a truck carrying insulation for homes. Insulate Britain want every home in Britain insulated, but how’s that going to happen when the very trucks carrying the insulation are blocked on the roads by their own insane eco zealot super glue sniffing fanatics?

Over 400 Private Jets and Gas Guzzling Biden Motorcade Behemoth Clog Up Climate Change Conference

Imagine the amount of carbon emissions pumped out into the atmosphere as all these hypocritical bastards land at Glasgow airport to supposedly save the planet. To see the likes of Bezos, who is one of the most polluting individuals in the world, commenting on the fragile earth’s atmosphere brought up some bile. Then we had sleepy Joe being motorcaded everywhere in his 8 MPG monster truck, and a motorcade of over 40 gas guzzling vehicles including a helicopter following above. It’s a good thing sleepy Joe did not know where he was or why he was there, because if anyone mentioned the damage his motorcade was doing to the atmosphere, he would have a certain shock to his comatose state.

QANON Supporters Wait on Grassy Knoll For Resurrection of John F. Kennedy, Jnr.

If you want proof that a vast proportion of the United States population are off the scale mentalists, you only have to look at QANON followers. These fuckers are so deranged that they stood around waiting for the dead JFK Jnr. to turn up, just because QANON said he would. Well they waited, and waited and no one turned up. QANON is obviously the CIA having fun with idiots. You can imagine some CIA guy in Virginia giggling his ass off sending these ridiculous QANON messages to morons on the internet.