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Harry and Meghan to Conduct Another “Fake Royal Tour” in December

LOS ANGELES - USA - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning to carry out another "fake royal tour" in December, sources reveal.


Using the Duke and Duchess of Sussex labels, even though they are not working royals anymore, Harry and Meghan plan to complete faux royal tours of American prisons and Democrat run cities.

The fake royal tour of New York City, in October, was a success for the couple of grifters, who were led around the city’s sights by glassy eyed American officials, who would not know real royalty if it smacked them in the face. Despite not being royal, Harry and Meghan used the Duke and Duchess of Sussex title at every opportunity.

Spokesperson for the couple, Scobie Doh, naturally gushed over the announcement of new fake royal tours in December.

“They will be going to Alcatraz, and Folsom state prison for the first leg of the tour, and maybe Sing Sing. Then they will go to some Democrat run cities where crime, drugs and homelessness have blighted the former great cities because they are now run by enabling, wasteful, socialist morons with no guts to actually fix those cities up. It will be fantastic to see these dumb starry eyed officials fawning over Harry and Meghan, treating them like royalty when in fact they are not royal, and have distanced themselves from the British royal family as much as possible. Ooh, I cannot wait to see them at work on their fake royal tour.”

If you ever want to see a city ruined by Democrats, Philadelphia has to be your first stop, then maybe the wasteland of Detroit, or the murder capital of Chicago, all run by completely clueless socialist profligate idiots who have absolutely no idea about anything, let alone running a city.

One sickened American commentator suggested the fake royals stay in Alcatraz.

“These two sicken me to the point of barfing, I mean they’re coming over here acting all royal when I heard they hate the Brit royal family, and the Doprah interview damn well confirmed that. Quit telling us Americans how to live our lives Harry, and the money grabbing z-list grifter actress Megain narcissist, she don’t like being exposed, does she? They’re going to visit Alcatraz huh? Well, hell they should stay there and shut the hell up, give us all a rest from all their fake ass woke shit!”

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