One Direction Boy Now Living On Skid Row

LOS ANGELES - USA - One Direction boyband member Harry Styles, who has fallen on hard times is now living on Skid Row as a homeless person, a Fox news report has revealed.

When Styles was declared bankrupt two months ago, he was left with nothing but the shirt on his back. Unfortunately this is the case with manufactured pop acts like One Direction, where the management and record companies take all the royalties for songs the performers never write.

“It’s the music biz, innit. We were just performing monkeys miming on a stage. I thought I had millions in the bank but when my accountant told me I had $6.50 left after all the recording, video, management, marketing, touring expenses had been taken out I realised I had been taken for a fool. It’s the music biz — a shit business. I’m doing fine here though. I don’t miss anything,” Harry Styles said during a special report.

The former pop star was all too willing to show the reporters where he sleeps under a makeshift cardboard tent and was even filmed smoking his morning crack dose before venturing on another day of collecting empty bottles from trash cans.