Satan to Play Obama in New White House Mini-series

LOS ANGELES - USA - A new mini-series for the History Channel based on the Obama White House true story has become a real hit in America with a massive audience and ratings boost.

“The Obama character was played by Lucifer himself who manifested for a few days during filming and he was actually a very jovial and witty chap. Nothing like that boring Jesus guy,” series producer, Evangelina Evangelical told CBS entertainment news.

The plot for the History Channel mini-series revolves around a president who comes out of nowhere and causes destruction and chaos on a scale never before seen, especially for right wing white Christian Americans.

“This is a true story of a guy who is put in the White House to carry out some pretty devilish actions. We casted Satan to play the Obama character, and he signed the contract jokingly telling us it’s usually the other way round. The only drawback was the smell of sulphur on set. That Lucifer dude sure does stink to high heaven, plus he burned our sofa to a crisp,” Espicabar Muscovitch, another series producer revealed to Entertainment Today magazine.

The mini-series has become a huge ratings hit and audience numbers are continually rising with each episode bringing a much needed boost to the History Channel.