Cameron’s Stasi Officers Closing Down Free Speech Once and For All in UK

LONDON - England - Who would have thought that someone who is meant to be a Conservative PM could do more damage to free speech and freedom than Labour's Gordon Brown could have ever dreamed about?

The unjust order of Leveson is set to bring in the draconian Stasi laws that will stop all free speech in the UK whether it is printed or on the web.

“These draconian laws are the final nail in the coffin for any form of freedom in the UK and a precursor for more nasty stuff to come. East Germany, Stalin’s Russia and the Chinese Politburo cannot come close to what Cameron is doing to Britain’s democracy. He makes Gordon Brown look like a girl scout in taking away people’s freedoms and rights. They will shut down anything with any form of argument or different position to their Stalinist Soviet Zionagenda,” a Westminster insider revealed today.

Not only is everything tracked and logged in the UK but press freedom will soon be shut down as well as free speech.

Let’s all thank the celebrity stooges like Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan who were wheeled out to push for the killing off of free speech, but most of all you can thank Rupert Murdoch who without his efforts in tarnishing journalism would not have achieved this curb on freedom of speech.

“First they created the problem, then they created the outcry, and now the solution. The Hegelian Dialectic has been very effective in shutting down press freedom and freedom of speech,” an unnamed source from somewhere revealed Tuesday before being arrested and taken away to be silenced forever.