EU Bank Grab Coming to UK Soon?

LONDON - England - With Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and pro-EU Cameron making similar noises about grabbing peoples' wealth, could the Cyprus bank grab come to the UK soon?

Let us not beat around the bank balance here. David Cameron is a pro-EU lackey and so is Nick Clegg. The good cop bad cop routine is wearing thin now. The intention is to bring the UK into the eurozone sooner than later and when that happens you may have to say goodbye to ownership of property and huge cash grabs on your bank accounts. Do you want that? Are you pro-EU now? The Labour party is staunchly pro-EU because they are socialists and this means wealth is redistributed from the wealthy to the poor. What choice do Britons have in the coming sham 2015 elections? Vote for one pro-EU entity or vote for another pro-EU entity.

The EU is a neo-communofascist entity, modelled on the Fasci sticks and deep Marxist principles. How can a neo-communofascist entity exist, isn’t it an anomaly to even suggest two opposing political ideologies could be fused together as one? Well the EU is that very entity and the 10% cash tax on all bank accounts in Cyprus is proof that its intentions are not honourable or just.

“As I have said earlier, Scotland’s revenge on the English will be their joining the catastrophic entity of the eurozone. This will thus split the UK, as the Celts in Southern Ireland have embraced the euro as well. England and Northern Ireland will be isolated economically and politically. Eventually they will be forced to join the eurozone and finally be absorbed into the amalgamated soup of EU soviet conquest. With leaders like Cameron and Clegg, or Ed Miliband, what hope does Britain have on holding out against the terroristic euro-reich might of the eurozone? You will be assimilated just like the Borg, you cannot resist, there is nothing anyone can do now as the UK is part of the EU and the politicians have made it nigh on impossible to escape. UKIP is ineffectual and do not have the means to fight a system that has already accepted defeat,” a Westminster insider revealed Sunday.