EU Redistribution of 10% Wealth in Southern Cyprus Necessary Says Brussels

LIMASSOL - Cyprus - EU officials say it is necessary that 10% of all bank deposits on the bankrupt Greek half of the island be taken from their owners.

“The EU is a tool for redistribution of wealth and negation of sovereignty. When we took away your sovereignty with you Greek Cypriots signing the EU charter years ago, all your rights, and your wealth, are now completely the property of the EU. Read the small print. We will be doing this to the rest of the EU countries soon. You will not be able to take your money out of the banks as we will shut down those as well,” an unnamed, unelected technocrat from Brussels told the Greek Cyprus radio network last night.

Rudolpho Hess, an ECB banking official said from Frankfurt yesterday: “The EU budget this year has been a heavy burden on the economy of the eurozone. We need to increase expense accounts for MEPs, technocrats and bankers in the EU; luxury hotels, foreign holidays with first class flights, gourmet meals every day and of course the steady supply of Fräuleins to keep our bratwursts up. So, you see our Cypriot friends, you chose to sign on the dotted line with your greedy eyes on those EU subsidies and this is what you get for your squandering profligate lazy ways. Enjoy yourselves, believe me, I am surely enjoying myself at your expense. Don’t forget, you can still give Greece 10 points in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

As of Monday, there will be a 10% compulsory EU tax on all southern Cyprus bank accounts.

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