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Blade Runner 2049 the Biggest Turd Sequel of All Time

LOS ANGELES - USA - If you are a fan of the original Blade Runner film 1982 don't even consider watching the long awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049.

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The original Shaw Brothers/Ladd co. Blade Runner was a ground breaking monolith of a film from the year 1982, when nothing of this sort had ever been seen before; it transcended all barriers, its technological leaps within the science fiction genre were a world apart from anything ever envisioned before. The Jordan Cronenweth cinematography was magnificent, the atmospheric Vangelis soundtrack so to the point, the Scott direction perfect, and the casting fitted into every scene, every cell of that created a Philip K. Dick world that was truly believable.

The sequel, breaks no ground, it just shows a very basic outline of what could have been, and is such a wasted opportunity that Ridley Scott must have been seriously fucked in the head to have anything to so with this pap, where everything is explained to the audience without any pathos, mystery or suspense. Pity poor Hans Zimmer, who had nothing to play off, just the same old scenes rehashed one after another.

The paid media critics who were bundled handsome amounts of money to praise Blade Runner 2049  before the opening to build up hype and say it is the greatest movie ever made, are nothing but soulless unimaginative whores who have sold off a donkey to the unsuspecting audience for a tidy profit.

To see noob Ryan Gosling walking around abandoned cities for minutes on end, and director Denis Villeneuve’s pathetic pallid bland scenes is an insult to any Blade Runner fan. The whole thing is also a major insult to originator Philip K. Dick who would vomit at the soulless delivery of the replicant story line. You can tell Harrison Ford is only doing this for a great pay off, and he just rambles through the crap scenes for the pay cheque.


Sure, there are some interesting technological touches but it has not moved far enough from 1982. Technologically speaking, the world of 2049 is still entrenched in the past, albeit with little mentions of transhumanism and robots.

Everything should not have to be explained to the audience. Where is the pathos? Where are the unanswered questions? The linear movement is so predictable that the whole plot of the film can be discerned within the first few minutes.

Whatever it cost to make this film, it looks low-budget. Most of the budget presumably went in to hiring Harrison Ford.

Shit dialogue, shit visuals, dumb CGI attempt to reproduce Sean Young a la Rogue One, shit story line, predictable and boring. All in all a huge fucking disappointment.

Don’t bother paying for this atrocity, just catch it on any internet streaming site coming out of China and Russia through VPN or a proxy.

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