Hollywood Casting Couch Latest : Weinstein ‘Gulp Fiction’ Movie

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has had a little too much exposure than he wanted.

In Hollywood, if you’re a pig ugly sweating maggot, you’ll go far as long as you’re on top of the producer game, but if you falter, one time too many, the knives soon come out to play.

It’s no news that Harvey Weinstein’s only way to get laid is by ┬ámaking big promises and getting special favours from the little starlets who will do anything to get (a head), just look at this guy, he looks like Jabba the Hut’s unshaven schmuck uncle on coke.

What are people surprised that someone like this has been getting those young ladies to gently take out their bubble gum, put it to one side, then drop down on their knees for that boost either up the corporate ladder, or the actresses revolving doorway?

This is Hollywood, and the NYT, are opening a hornets nest here. Especially when you have the likes of Polanski, Cosby and Bill Clinton still worshipped by the scene despite their record.

Weinstein will be back, he just needs to be more careful next time when making promises, like if it suddenly doesn’t turn out for the women, they always get that pang of new-found feminist conscience and start snitching. If she however moves up the ladder, then all is forgotten — including feminism, and talking to the papers.

That’s just the way it is…