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Experts: Why a New American Civil War is On its Way

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Another civil war in America is just around the corner, this time, it will be on television.

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America was built on the bones and blood of others who dared get in the way of the dream.

The gun is the symbol of American justice, truth, honour and liberty, without the gun, an American is just another person, and this is not acceptable, when Americans are such vast beasts roaming the prairies and shooting anything that dares to move.

Guns give Americans power, not only to defend one’s self and family but to brutalize anyone who they wish to brutalize if they so wish, because an American can do what he or she wants, they have the ultimate power, that of giving life or death.

No other nation in the world has celebrated the beauty of the gun than America, and to take a gun from an American’s hand is the ultimate sacrilege, the ultimate insult.

Draining the Swamp

This is why, there will soon be some patriotic blood-letting in the land of the saloon, this is why the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The soil is thirsty, it beckons those holding their guns to act before it is too late, before the country gets to a point of no return.

Ensconced within such a polarised nation we have the left and the right, and they have never been so far apart as now, and in true American style, there is only black and white, there is no grey, there is no acknowledgement that there are other factions within the political spittoon.

The extremities of the politics of America coupled with mass shootings that come and go all too often, and the massive racial divide between the old-money white population and the others, is a soup left festering that will soon over boil the pot.

To present martial law, would no doubt delight Trump, and to see the leftist communist factions fight the conservative patriotic factions will no doubt be something to watch. The best entertainment show this world has ever created — an American civil war LIVE on your TV.

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