Disney Streaming Another Nail In Hollywood Coffin

LOS ANGELES - USA - With cinemas seeing less and less viewers, streaming on the internet has now become king.


Hollywood has been left floundering as their sales drift in the wind.

Disney streaming on the internet will certainly fill a niche market, however the whole Disney repertoire is available to stream for free right now on the internet. The same goes for any series, film or documentary you have ever heard of.

It’s all out there to be watched and streamed for free, from the putlocker, to the 123movies to whatever name they’re calling themselves after being shut down on one server, and moving to another. The servers are most probably in China somewhere, and cannot be shut down as no such thing as copyright exists in the Chinese mindset or law.

“Thanks to the free movie streaming sites. I’ve watched pretty much every film there is in history and frankly I’m bored now. I watch films now a few weeks before they’re released in the UK. Like the other day I was walking in the street and saw a bus with a sign for a film that I saw three weeks ago streamed online for free in full HD quality. So, the reasoning here is, why should I pay ten quid to get a ticket and another eight for some popcorn and a drink? Exactly!” some guy said from outside an empty cinema somewhere in London.

It’s a mystery how Hollywood funds its films these days or brings in new talent, especially with millions of people on the streaming sites watching away for free.

Film executive, Elmer Johnson, told the LA Times: “We just make safe bet films these days with the same old stars. That’s the only way to break even. Superhero movies, remakes of remakes of remakes, some rom coms for the ladies, and cutesy animated movies, ya know, talking penguins and sausages. If we make a movie without major realistic looking high end expensive shit CGI action it’s a flopper. Remember that kids these days have an attention span of about 3.5 seconds. If something big does not happen quick, they switch off so we have to make massive explosions, car crashes and more explosions. Fight scenes, heck we have to make them so fast that you don’t know what’s happening, not like real life where ya get the guy swinging that long arm you can see from space, we’re talking nanosecond Jason Bourne fights. Also, let me add, dark movies, movies filmed with minimal light so the viewer does not know what’s happening and all of this with murmured dialogue no one can understand.”

Key in any film title and watch for free right now on the internet.