First Picture of Kardashian Armed Robber

PARIS - France - The Daily Squib has received an exclusive first photograph of one of the armed robbers who tragically stole $43 million worth of jewellery from porn actress Kim Kardashian on Monday.



French police want to interview the armed masked suspects as soon as possible.

The terrifying ordeal lasting fifteen minutes has left Mrs Kardashian West in a distraught mood, as she now has only a few pieces of jewellery to wear and show off on Instagram, some pieces barely even making up a million dollars in worth.

To this end, her husband, Kanye West is going to conduct another expensive fashion show to raise funds, and has even taken to Twitter to beg for money to buy more jewels.

“Yo yo yo. My bitch got rob. All y’all nigs need put sum cash down I need buy mo necklace n sheeit” Kanye tweeted in desperation.

So far the tally is $4.25, so a lot more to go eh.