Hooray! Jamie Oliver to Leave Britain if Boris Becomes PM

LONDON - England - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver says he will leave Britain if Boris Johnson becomes PM.



If there ever was a reason to root for Boris Johnson, this is it. The fat tongued faux-cockney celebrity cook, Jamie Oliver, in an extraordinary rant on social media, has said he will leave Britain if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister.

The celebrity chef, who likes to dictate to people on a daily basis about his little cooking schemes and sells overpriced sugar-laden products in supermarkets with his bloated head plastered over everything is a fat-tongue idiot who knows nothing about politics, the EU or how it works.

To have such banal celebrities with no understanding of anything chiming in with their ludicrous warblings of nonsensical asininity is an afront to basic levels of intelligence.

Let us all hope the traitorous likes of Jamie Oliver leave these shores and never come back. He will not be missed by many, and his mediocre Hoxton cookery can go too.

Maybe they like fat-tongued arse holes like Jamie Oliver who spout ignorant imbecility at every turn in the Continent but we don’t. You are a morose detestable festering pustule of detritus Jamie Oliver. Piss off.