Remain Campaign Want England to Re-Play Match With Iceland

NICE - France - The Remain campaign want a re-match, or how about 200 re-matches with Iceland. Whatever it takes to win a bloody game.


Speaking from the Remain HQ in Hackney, London, Wally Farquer, was adamant that the match has to be replayed over and over again until England manage a win.

“We’ve had petitions on it with false signatures and all. We demand England wins and if they have to play 200 matches to do it, so be it.”

Calls for another referend… we mean (ahem) match were cheered by the Remain campaigners on all social media sites.

The Iceland team were however not too happy with the calls to replay the match.

“Er..when you have a match, usually that’s it. We can’t replay just because you didn’t get the result you wanted. Here in Iceland, we call that cheating.”