Woman Claims She Drugged Bill Cosby

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - A woman is claiming that she drugged Bill Cosby in a remarkable turnaround for the former celebrity star.

As to date, over 38 women have revealed how they were drugged and consequently raped by Bill Cosby, but now a woman has come forward claiming she drugged Cosby.

“He thought I didn’t see him put the pill in my drink, and when he went to the toilet I switched it. In five minutes he was sleepy, then he went out like a light. That’s when I called Bubba, just got out of prison and at 400 lbs was packin’. He was as gay as a Mazda Miata in South Beach. Bill called me up next morning and asked me what happened. He said he had pains all over and he couldn’t walk no more.”

Currently, former actor, Bill Cosby is embroiled in a very public show of incrimination by numerous women that claim he drugged and raped them.

The vast numbers of drugged women could be even higher, but because of Cosby’s celebrity status in America, nothing is being done about it.

  • Ang65

    Cosby is a despicable rapists and should be behind bars. I demand to know why he is not in jail right now. What kind of justice do we have that a man who is clearly a danger to the public is free to roam our streets? This sickens me.

    • drinkdraino

      Rumor has it he got money to pay the right people.

  • Littleredtop

    Cute story but those closest to him know that Bill is bisexual. A visit from Buba would be what his dreams are made of.