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Cosby Held Rohypnol Party to Celebrate Prison Release

THE BRONX - USA - Bill Cosby arranged a quick Rohypnol party as soon as he was released from prison.

Cosby Juror: “When I Sat Down in Court Bill Handed Me...

PENNSYLVANIA - USA - One of the jurors in the Bill Cosby rape case, an attractive 28-year-old woman has revealed that she does not remember much of the case or jury deliberation.

Woman Claims She Drugged Bill Cosby

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - A woman is claiming that she drugged Bill Cosby in a remarkable turnaround for the former celebrity star.

Cosby Drugged My Pet Sheep Dimples Says Farmer

NEBRASKA - USA - Former household name actor, Bill Cosby has become embroiled in another scandal, this time involving a farmyard animal.

Antoine Dodson: “Bill Cosby We Gon’ Find You”

HUNTSVILLE - USA - Antoine Dodson thinks he knows who attempted to jump on his sister back in 2010.

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