Soon to be Ex-President Obama Threatens UK With Back of Queue Trade Deals

LONDON - England - If the blood in your veins is not already boiling with indignant rage that Obama flies over to the UK prior to the EU referendum to hector us on what we should do, and how Britain should hand over its sovereignty and laws to Brussels, he is now threatening Britain with lies about putting Britain to the back of the queue regarding trade with the U.S.

Britain is already back of the queue in the EU, paying £19 Billion to Brussels every year. EU regulations cost British businesses £41 Billion every year. The costs outweigh the benefits of EU membership. Britain is the EU’s cash cow and needs to break free from this costly unprofitable exploitative EU money black hole.

Firstly, Obama is a lame duck president, and has no powers left. On June 24, if the country has voted to leave, nothing much would happen. There is no sudden cut-off period, and there will certainly not be any volcanoes erupting in Shropshire or Nuneaton as the scaremongering Remain campaigners are suggesting.

Respected credit agency Moody’s acknowledged in a recent conclusive report that: “No tariffs or treaties would change on 24 June, in the event of a vote to leave“.

Secondly, Obama will not be president in November, he will be gone and will not be able to damage Britain further, so his intervention is misplaced scaremongering from a lame duck with no qualification to lecture the UK, or spread malicious scare stories to skew the EU referendum.

Thirdly, the UK has the highest growth in the G7. The OECD has forecast that the UK will be the fastest growing economy in the G7 in 2016, with growth of 2.1%. On Brexit, this would be an immense bargaining chip to open up further global deals across areas currently restricted by the EU. Voting Leave opens the door to a myriad of trading deals, that will be lucrative for Britain in the long term, and increase its economic status to much higher projected levels than ever before.

Not only does Obama not have the power any more to stick Britain in the back of the queue, but as an example the US-Australia FTA was concluded in less than two years: Formal negotiations for a free trade agreement began in Canberra on 18 March 2003. The agreement came into effect on 1 January 2005. The US Government states that ‘as a result of the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement, tariffs that averaged 4.3 percent were eliminated on more than 99% of the tariff lines for U.S. manufactured goods exports to Australia’. Therefore, Obama’s misplaced scaremongering comments are moot and false.

If the country Votes to Leave on June 23 not only will Britain take control over its laws, and retain its sovereignty, but our economy would grow solidly with newer better trade deals, we would also increase levels of employment. In a recent report for the CBI, PwC had to admit that employment will grow if we Vote Leave. It also stated that ‘our model estimates suggest that [t]otal real UK GDP could be around 36-39% higher in 2030 than in 2015 in the two exit scenarios’. The paper also admits that growth will continue in the short term and that, in the long term, economic growth will be stronger outside the EU compared to remaining inside.

Do not listen to people putting Britain down, do not listen to the scaremongering threats.

We Will Vote Leave on June 23 and there is NOTHING they can Do About It.