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Soon to be Ex-President Obama Threatens UK With Back of Queue Trade Deals

LONDON - England - If the blood in your veins is not already boiling with indignant rage that Obama flies over to the UK prior to the EU referendum to hector us on what we should do, and how Britain should hand over its sovereignty and laws to Brussels, he is now threatening Britain with lies about putting Britain to the back of the queue regarding trade with the U.S.

Britain is already back of the queue in the EU, paying £19 Billion to Brussels every year. EU regulations cost British businesses £41 Billion every year. The costs outweigh the benefits of EU membership. Britain is the EU’s cash cow and needs to break free from this costly unprofitable exploitative EU money black hole.

Firstly, Obama is a lame duck president, and has no powers left. On June 24, if the country has voted to leave, nothing much would happen. There is no sudden cut-off period, and there will certainly not be any volcanoes erupting in Shropshire or Nuneaton as the scaremongering Remain campaigners are suggesting.

Respected credit agency Moody’s acknowledged in a recent conclusive report that: “No tariffs or treaties would change on 24 June, in the event of a vote to leave“.

Secondly, Obama will not be president in November, he will be gone and will not be able to damage Britain further, so his intervention is misplaced scaremongering from a lame duck with no qualification to lecture the UK, or spread malicious scare stories to skew the EU referendum.

Thirdly, the UK has the highest growth in the G7. The OECD has forecast that the UK will be the fastest growing economy in the G7 in 2016, with growth of 2.1%. On Brexit, this would be an immense bargaining chip to open up further global deals across areas currently restricted by the EU. Voting Leave opens the door to a myriad of trading deals, that will be lucrative for Britain in the long term, and increase its economic status to much higher projected levels than ever before.

Not only does Obama not have the power any more to stick Britain in the back of the queue, but as an example the US-Australia FTA was concluded in less than two years: Formal negotiations for a free trade agreement began in Canberra on 18 March 2003. The agreement came into effect on 1 January 2005. The US Government states that ‘as a result of the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement, tariffs that averaged 4.3 percent were eliminated on more than 99% of the tariff lines for U.S. manufactured goods exports to Australia’. Therefore, Obama’s misplaced scaremongering comments are moot and false.

If the country Votes to Leave on June 23 not only will Britain take control over its laws, and retain its sovereignty, but our economy would grow solidly with newer better trade deals, we would also increase levels of employment. In a recent report for the CBI, PwC had to admit that employment will grow if we Vote Leave. It also stated that ‘our model estimates suggest that [t]otal real UK GDP could be around 36-39% higher in 2030 than in 2015 in the two exit scenarios’. The paper also admits that growth will continue in the short term and that, in the long term, economic growth will be stronger outside the EU compared to remaining inside.

Do not listen to people putting Britain down, do not listen to the scaremongering threats.

We Will Vote Leave on June 23 and there is NOTHING they can Do About It.


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  1. To my British Friends: This clown in the White House does not represent, nor speak for the American people. Obama is a disgrace! Britain, right now you are an example to the world. Take back your power! Don’t listen to the fear mongers, especially our impotent, blow-hard President Obama here in the U.S. GO BRITAIN! GO! BREAK THE CHAINS! The people of the United States support you!

  2. Everyone I speak to has told me that Barack Obama has increased their resolve to leave the EU. Maybe this was the reason for his trip here. No one likes meddlers especially of his useless ilk. I wonder now who else they will send over to make our decisions for us, because it really is making the case for Brexit stronger every day. Each one of these people spouting their nonsense has the exact opposite effect it is intended for, and let them come.Taking control of our own laws and our economy is why these islands survived for 1,000s years and we’re not going to give that away because some Kenyan Mau Mau Marxist tells us to do so.On your plane journey back to America, think about how you bolstered the Brexit campaign Obama. You are a loser.

  3. I read somewhere that Obama added $10 trillion to the US deficit since he became pres. is this true? Because if it is he is not only a danger to America but he is not qualified to dispense advice in anything to anyone else.

  4. Was on the borders. I felt cheated by both campaigns but now thanks to Obama full Brexit for me. Never been so disgusted.

  5. The remain campaign have lost the fight. This is why they resort to Obunko and his circus.

    People in my street who were going to vote remain are now voting Brexit after seeing Oflunko on the telly lastnight. Backfired…..

  6. Thank you Obama. You just made Brexit stronger. No one in UK likes what you did. Good one. Idiot.

    • ObamaCare Enrollment Dives As New Customers Don’t Pay

      More than 1 million ObamaCare exchange customers have likely dropped out since open enrollment ended on Feb. 1, updated state reports suggest.

      The ramping up of the individual mandate penalty, to a minimum of $695 per adult, raised a possibility that few people selecting exchange plans would fail to follow through and pay, as was fairly common in the exchanges’ first two years.

      But reports from five states — Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota,Oklahoma and Washington — show that their enrollment has dropped more than 14%, from a combined 698,200 to about 598,000, since early February.

      The 14.3% loss in those five states is even worse than the 13% drop in national enrollment between the end of the 2015 enrollment period and March 31 of last year, when 1.5 million customers among the 11.7 million signups had their policies canceled.

      If enrollment in the rest of the country is down even 7.5%, just over half as much on a percentage basis as it is in those five states, that would mean a drop of one million customers from the 12.7 million who had selected plans or been automatically re-enrolled as of Feb. 1.


  7. Would Americans give up their borders, their laws and their sovereignty to the EU? Here is Obama coming here and demanding that we do. Go back to your hip hop celebrity parties Obama you are not needed here. You are about as useful as a three dollar bill.

  8. This is funny.

    The US-Australia FTA was concluded in less than two years.

    How many years before the Australian government were talking about pulling out of the FTA?

    Less than one…
    It increased the trade deficit between the two countries with the U.S. benefitting and Australia losing, and studies 10 years later concluded that Australia were worse off than they would have been without the FTA.
    So does Britain want an FTA that has been negotiated in 3 years? No.

    As for Obama leaving, the U.S. Department of State have an itinerary of FTAs to get through. Many of them based on strategic concern. TTIP is top of the list, and then they will be using the forthcoming WTO Trade Facilitation to push for a revised FTAA.

    So while Obama may be gone soon, the long term international policy will not have changed. Blinken and Higginbottom are not going anywhere. It’s not dependent on any presidential administration.. The FTAA was started with George Bush Snr, and was taken off the table during George Bush Jnr.
    So, any attempt you make to discredit Obama does not change anything in the situation he has communicated.

    The U.S. have a series of strategic FTAs to make which have political significance beyond just “trade”. We are going to have to wait our turn. Then, even when it is out turn, we can’t rush an FTA like Australia did, or we could be worse off than if we didn’t sign an FTA in the first place.
    To suggest anything else is showing a vast disregard for workings of the U.S. Department of State.

    Obama is not a liar, and he’s tried to be honest with you. If you want to live in ignorance you’re whole life, go for it, but don’t drag your country down with you, and at least have the manners to not sit their insulting someone who is trying to help by explaining the situation to you.

    • I think they are trying to illustrate the speed in which the trade deals are conducted. It’s Australia’s problem that their negotiators got stiffed by the Americans. That’s not the point of the piece if you read it. Britain has the best economists and negotiators going and we’ll use them to good effect. Obama is a liar. He lied to the American people for example about Obamacare where they could use their previous doctors. That was a lie. Now the US is stuck with a horrible healthcare system too costly to repair. He lies to the American people on a daily basis.

      • Not all trade deals are built that fast, so to “illustrate how fast these things happen” it I’m guessing they went with the quickest, and not the average which would have been a fairer message. FTAs have to be balanced between the different countries, so taking one as an example illustrated nothing. Needless to say, I don’t believe that was their intention.
        Which world beating British negotiator were you thinking of? We haven’t had a trade negotiator since 1974 in Whitehall, and as far as I understand it, any post-Brexit plan involves bringing in talent from abroad. So if you can give us the names of experienced trade negotiator that are “the best going”, I’d love to hear it!
        Finally, he’s not lying. Take a look at the work load for the DoS and the focus of the USTR. The U.S. has TPP are fully committed to those FTAs and haven’t started FTAA2 yet, which is the probably the most strategically significant and desirable FTA that the U.S. want. They already spent 11 years to see it fail, but it also lies at the heart of U.S strategy.
        It doesn’t matter if Obama said it or not, it’s just the way it is.

  9. who give Obumfuk the right to come here and tell us what to do? Fuk him and the horse he rode on. Brexit Brexit Brexit. Can’t wait till the vote.

  10. Excellent analysis. The Obama idiot is talking out of his backside again methinks. Makes this a stronger Brexit. I don’t know anyone who wants to Remain after this Obumma cockup. What a loser he is. No one gives a squirt of piss what he thinks.

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