Gifts: Africans Bringing Ebola Virus to Europe, UK and US

LONDON - England - The capital's main airport arrivals terminal is bustling with Africans coming to the UK from Ebola infected areas in Africa.

African countries may take a lot of humanitarian aid from Western nations, which is usually pilfered by unscrupulous African governmental ministers, but you can’t deny that Africa does not give anything back.

“Thanks to Africans still being allowed to travel to Western nations we can finally give something back to you, it’s not all take, take, take. We’re giving you Ebola, a highly contagious deadly virus that spreads like wildfire, and flourishes in aircraft cabins. We bring it over by air, by sea and by the roads as you welcome us through your borders. This is the gift we give to you and let’s face it, you’re the stupid ones for allowing us to travel to your nations whilst there is a deadly Ebola outbreak in multiple African countries,” Elolol Bokor, an Ebola virus carrier from Burkina Faso said whilst arriving at Heathrow Terminal three, on Monday.

As of yet Western nations are daily allowing thousands of Ebola infected Africans into their countries without any form of testing or quarantine.

The Ebola virus is a highly contagious deadly flesh-eating necrotising virus that is decimating whole areas in Africa, but news of this is being suppressed by the mainstream media. Ebola is transmitted from animals to humans via consumption of bush meat. Once contracted, there is little or no chance of survival, there is no treatment or vaccine for Ebola.


  • Annabel

    The elite have a cure for this just not us.


    Ebola is contracted by bodily fluids and sweat. You can betcha bottom dollar those Africans going to have a hard time with it cuz they just can’t stop fukin

  • Kieron

    I was on the underground the other day. It’s crowded, sweaty and hot. I am sad that Africans suffering but please don’t come here if you’re sick. A group of Africans were on the Picadilly line just come off the plane from Heathrow. They were sweating all over the place and we were all bundled up someone’s arm pit in my face couldn’t move. Who knows if they’re carrying? 20 days gestation.

  • Iona

    The gov aren’t doing anything. I’m off to live on a remote Scottish Island. It’s going to get worse.

  • Jimmy

    I hope Filda Phiere catches Ebola.