The Rise of Germany Can Never Be Stopped

BERLIN - Germany - The all conquering German nation cannot be stopped from taking Britain once and for all through the European Union.

The Germans are an amazing resourceful people, through all adversity, struggle and toil, they always seem to come out on top.

In WW2 it took over five nations fighting them on all fronts five years to finally surrender, any other country would have crumbled in less than three months.

It is in this vain that the Germanic eagle rises over the EU as a strong leader, not only economically but its superior technical knowledge in all aspects of modern human existence trump anything or anyone in its path. The Germans are thus formidable foes as rulers of the largest and newest bloc of countries in human history, they are the √úbermenschen who make things happen.

Does the current United Kingdom have a chance with such superiority? The answer is an emphatic, no. Britain is now a weakened carcass of a nation, not only weakened by unfettered mass immigration but by economic transience. The weak politicians in parliament are ditherers, castrated by their own feeble indecisive nature, they are powerless to the rise of a force so strong and concentrated that it has effectively disarmed nations in one fell swoop.

As time moves forward, the claws of the EU will sink deeper, they will seem to capitulate, to appease certain voices of dissent, but when these die down, the claws will pull their prey away from safety finally feasting on its conquest, devouring the last morsels of British dignity.

The future does not bode well for Britain, this former proud nation is now a shadow of its past glories. Britain’s olde enemies are now governing the country, and it will get worse, because once any foreign entity is allowed in, that’s it, over.

With the promise of economic bounty, jobs, and prosperity for the people, the Germans have reignited their fire especially on the football pitch and will win the World Cup, their EU empire is the greatest the world has seen, and the next fifty years will ensure the scientific technical dictatorial nature of their dream realised.

The German people did not suffer in vain during and after the two world wars, the prize of their supreme struggle was the EU, and in strength, a thousand years it shall reign over what was once Great Britain.