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Butler-Sloss: “No, I Don’t Look Like Savile”

LEEDS - England - Baroness Butler-Sloss has denied claims that she is a spitting image of Jimmy Savile.

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“No, I don’t look like him. You are being ridiculous,” Baroness Sloss told the media on Monday.

One member of the public, Derrick Haldrin, 48, from Twickenham told the Mirror: “Whoever put her in charge of the abuse enquiry has got one sick sense of humour. She looks exactly like Savile. It’s like a slap in the face all over again.”

Looks like Britain is a nation being collectively traumatised all over again.

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  1. But of course – whatever she says – she most definitely DOES look exactly like Jimmy Savile… They could be brother and sister…! No wonder she wasn’t suitable for that child-abuse post… Has Theresa May got no eyes in her head… or just a fantastic sense of humour…???

  2. Chosen specifically by the Home Office, the most corrupt tax-paid-for Whitehall department in government. Therefore don’t hold you breath for the next suspect ‘independent’ inquiry chair, as he or she is bound to be another ‘establishment’ figure who will no doubt operate independently behind closed doors as usual.

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