Transgender Michelle Obama Wants More Rights

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Michelle Obama has spoken for the first time about her turmoil as a transgender First Lady.

In a world where all the rivers are polluted by chemicals creating asexual animals, where the food that humans eat are tainted with plastics and pesticides creating birth disorders, it is no surprise that Michelle Obama, who suffers from Klinefelter syndrome is crying out for more rights.

Speaking at a recent White House fund raising event for Homesexual Transgender Bi-Polar Bisexual Lesbian Sailor Jingle Drug Addicts with HIV and Hepatitis (HTBPBLSJDAHH), the First Lady‘s speech had many in tears:

Hiding in plain sight

“I tried to hide for so long, but look at my shoulders, look at my hands, look at my Adam’s apple! Our adopted children have always supported us but there will always be a stigma. We are people too, we have feelings like anyone else, and we want to be acknowledged for who we are. I want you all to think for one second what it is like to have a larger penis than Barrack. I have to think about this every night before we go to bed together.”

The celebrity audience, included veteran comedienne, Joan Rivers who gave over $6.20 to the charity fund raising event.

  • Wambli525

    One can only image what the news media would have said about Michelle were she a republican; totally painful. It would have been front page news for evvver. Thank goodness she is a democrat.

  • Donna

    i have to admit the pictures seem to clearly show what appears to be male genitalia however there are photos of Michelle as a young girl….even as a baby in a dress. So I have to disagree……when Michelle was born they did not do gender reassignment to babies.

  • Pops

    Medical science is still in its infancy. In the future they will be able to change the chromosomes, vocal and bone structure. The level we are at right now is still very basic. It is still too obvious to see that they are men with minor alterations, and women with minor alterations.

  • Frank

    I can’t believe no one knew this already. Jeez. old news.

  • Moochele
  • Joe Alexander C Astillo

    Obama had Gay couples and he raped children boys while he was in Bohemian grove as senator as well he is and was cocaine addict..

  • Lestat

    It was obvious from the beginning what Michelle was. I must say their cover-up has been very intricate.

  • Helen mma fan

    Female MMA fighter Ronda Rousey has offended the permanently offended liberal keyboard warriors by saying trans ‘girls’ are still men because they still have male bone structures. I agree. Well done Ronda. Stood up to the liberal douche bags of gayified America. I heard Michael is angry tho, wants to beat Ronda up for exposing him again.

  • Daniel

    I always though Michelle was a man. Something about her made me think it just did not look right. I always have these feelings when I see a man trying to be a woman. Same thing when I look at Bruce Jenner. You cannot change the chromosomes or bone structure.

    • Uhuru War

      U sayin that cuz she black aintu ? U saying this cuz that woman black she aint done nuthin to u bitch she aint done nuthin

      • Pilanz

        No because Michael is a man. Hormone replacement therapy does not make a male boned chromosomed man a woman and never will. You blacks are obsessed with race. Get over yourselves.

      • Wambli525

        Eloquent comment Uhuru

  • Adora S

    Michelle needs tocome out as trans. I am a transgender woman. First off I am now a FULL woman but I am v. proud of my transformation from an imperfect man to a full woman. I was trapped inside the wrong body I tried suicide twice. My family have been supportive of me bless them. I am so happy now and want to scream from the roofs what I am now. Michelle come forward I appeal to you we all know what you are stop hiding. You are hurting us each day you deny what you are the game is up.



  • Darlene

    Michelle is a woman now. She has left the past behind. Please stop with this really annoying outing stuff. We should respect her wishes to be a woman. I am so sick of haters who do this to trans. Do you know what it feels like to be trapped in another body? All haters and bigots get educated cuz your ignorance makes me puke…

  • Caroline

    People need to talk about the transgender thing. Why does he not come out and say what he is? Please for us who are marginalized in society. Michael you can help us. Please make an announcement soon. Thank you.

  • Helen

    Incredible Joan Rivers suddenly dies two months after revealing the truth about Michelle Obama.

    • Lestat

      Be careful with what you say. If you’re implying anything they could get you too.

  • Andrea Jones

    Michelle O is transgender many have know for quite some time. Please respect her gender status. Everyone has a right to be whoever they want to be. Blessings to you Michelle you left Michael behind and transformed into your true self. Screw the haters ignorant bigots.

  • sharon

    old news. get over it. losers!

  • John Taylor

    I knew this a long time ago. I can’t believe people are just trying to figure this out now. The main thing is the shoulder. There is no way in hell that is a woman’s upper torso, you have the biceps, triceps and shoulders. The ring finger is also a big give away and he obviously had hormone therapy for the breasts. They tried to mask it with the dresses they way they cut the dress is illusion. That’s a man. No doubt. I don’t know about genitals but my guess is he is intact. The daughters do not look like the parents in any way and were adopted. No young baby pictures or Michelle pregnant pictures makes me think they were adopted at 3 or 4 years old.

    • Daz

      Does this mean Obama gay?

      • sho nuff

        take a wild guess.

  • Graham

    There are no birth records, photos of the kids as babies. There are no pictures of Michelle pregnant. I searched everywhere. Pls if someone can find anything post on here.

  • Loran Tully

    Yep this satire piece mocks a real condition yep you must be real proud of yourselves. Many know about Michelle but that’s her business and Baracks. Got to hell.

    • H.C.

      This site illuminati.

  • bunny
  • Obano

    Watch this vid Barry calls Michelle Michael. You can tell after he says it he knows he slipped up.

  • js


  • Ron

    The thing is tell me if this weird I been watching them from the beginning and always had this thing in my mind that something is wrong like I couldn’t figure it out. You know it’s there but you just watch them doing their thing. Well when I watched those vids it kinda clicked you see this is why the Obama’s so into the gay agenda. It’s like a bulb went off in my mind right there. I ain’t angry about it just a lil confused but I feel weird they lied about it. I can see why they would lie though cuz no one would have voted for Obama if ppl knew the truth. Jeez I need another beer.

  • Annie from MA

    My husband is a doctor and when he first saw Michelle on TV he told me that it was a man. I didn’t believe him back then but he told me it from the bone structure. I’m having serious thoughts now like wow.

  • Google “The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects”

  • Karen

    Hands and shoulders. Unless he had extensive skeletal surgery he cannot hide the masculine bone structure and male proportion. You can’t hide forever Michael. Come out we want to see the real you.

    • Karly

      So what if he is trans. So fck in what? This is a serious condition. Not every person is born normal. I give him blessings for being a human whoever he is. Get some respect this is not a game or sharade

      • tweetpeep

        I agree everyone in LGBT community knows this. Its only a matter of time.

        • Hugh Janus

          They should come out about it. We would love it. Obama and his man are doing a disservice to us gays by lying like this. Come out of the closet and free your selfes.

          • cabal

            Hiding in plain sight. They can pull this off because the people believe Michelle is a woman this gives them carte blanche to do whatever they want to the masses.
            Time tested trick but this one I gotta say is brazen.

        • Caroline

          I myself am trans male to female like Michelle (Michael) and ever since I saw her I knew straight away that she used to be a he. It took me years to make the transition and I am so proud of him. Can you imagine the FLOTUS being a trans. It’s the most beautiful site I think it is the biggest FU to the Repugs that theyre being ruled by a trans and gay man. Simply the best. Bless them I love them.

      • Lestat

        Yeh but think it’s disengenious to deceive the ppl. Don’t you think? Why lie to the ppl of America about your real gender? I’m actually quite angry that they thought they could pull the wool over our eyes.

  • Andrea Lutz

    I always thought there was something not right. The hands and shoulders give him away.