Transgender Michelle Obama Wants More Rights

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Michelle Obama has spoken for the first time about her turmoil as a transgender First Lady.

In a world where all the rivers are polluted by chemicals creating asexual animals, where the food that humans eat are tainted with plastics and pesticides creating birth disorders, it is no surprise that Michelle Obama, who suffers from Klinefelter syndrome is crying out for more rights.

Outed by former comedienne Joan Rivers, who was dispatched mysteriously shortly after making the announcement about the Obamas saying Michelle Obama is a man, there has been much debate about the transgender FLOTUS.

Speaking at a recent White House fund raising event for Homesexual Transgender Bi-Polar Bisexual Lesbian Sailor Jingle Drug Addicts with HIV and Hepatitis (HTBPBLSJDAHH), the First Lady‘s speech had many in tears:


Hiding in plain sight

“I tried to hide for so long, but look at my shoulders, look at my hands, look at my Adam’s apple! Our adopted children thanks to Dr Anita Blanchard, have always supported us but there will always be a stigma. We are people too, we have feelings like anyone else, and we want to be acknowledged for who we are. I want you all to think for one second what it is like to have a larger penis than Barrack. I have to think about this every night before we go to bed together.”

The celebrity audience, included veteran comedienne, Joan Rivers (now deceased) who gave over $6.20 to the charity fundraising event.

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