Prince Charles Thinking of Sending Harry to Russia to Beat Up Putin

BALMORAL - Scotland - In an extraordinary attack on the Prince of Wales, Russia is now making absurd claims that the royal family had a Nazi past.

Prince Charles is thinking of sending Prince Harry on a covert mission in an Apache helicopter to blow that Russkie commie Vlad to vodka purgatory.

“One has come under an extraordinary attack. It’s a good thing for Vlad that he doesn’t drive through Parisian tunnels, ahem. Anyway, I put forward my vodka snorting son Harry to pilot an Apache helicopter to Moscow and blow that Vladdy fool from his throne once and for all. Vlad’s a Nazi you know, and our family has never had anything to do with those sorts of people,” the Prince said whilst raising his spoon, and cracking another egg at breakfast.

Won’t the Nazis ever get along with the Nazis? This charade is like history repeating itself.

  • The crisis in Ukraine may encourage the use of
    nuclear weapons. Civil war in Ukraine could not arise. reported that Kiev mode
    is going to sell the technical documentation missile complex “Satan”
    (” Governor ” by the Soviet nomenklatura ) – Turks , Chinese, Israel.

    This process is already beginning to deploy . And it means that the world is on
    the brink of nuclear war. Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration , headed by
    the famous Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky , and local industrial
    association ” Pivdenmash ” , producing commissioned Russian
    intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads , have
    signed a Memorandum of Cooperation , reports inform agency ”
    Ukrinform” .

    The document , signed by the governor who put Dnipropetrovsk Igor Kolomoisky
    and Acting gene Director ” Yuzhmash ” Sergei Voight, says that public
    administration takes care of all issues related to the activity of the
    enterprise and the enforcement of its contracts with both Ukrainian and foreign
    customers with products. To do this, do not feel sorry for NATO to authorize
    the sale of nuclear technology to third countries of Ukraine , in the hands of
    radical terrorist groups in Asia . For the nuclear bombing of Japanese cities
    after already de – facto ended the Second World War , no politician or general
    U.S. has been punished . Are pleased to maintain its status as a global hegemon
    the U.S. is ready for anything, including the local use of nuclear weapons ,
    even Ukrainian production , performed by men ” Gladio », «Academy» or
    ” Al Qaeda ” with ” Hizb ut- Tahrir al- Islami . ” And this
    straight U.S. president said in May 27 in Afghanistan the U.S. military base in
    Bagram , and a day – in the Military Academy at West Point, forge leadership
    cadres of U.S. armed forces .®ion=Marginalia&pgtype=article

    Ara Sarkissian , academician, president of the Academy of Geopolitics ,
    Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia.