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Until the BBC Uses Blue Colour Scheme Only Then Will There be Balance

SALFORD - England - The BBC used to have a reputation for being balanced but the last few decades has seen it choose to report predominantly from one side.

A new report commissioned by the Conservative party has revealed that until the BBC changes its red colour scheme to blue it will not have a more balanced outlook as it is currently merely a mouthpiece for the Labour party.

“They need a touch of blue in their colour scheme. At the moment everything is red, red, red and we’re not just talking about the socialist skewed news reporting either. We are therefore urging the BBC to introduce blue into their overall colour scheme as well. Why not have half the news studio in red, possibly the left side, and the other in blue? They could even have one newscaster on each side, throwing eggs at each other, but at least it would reflect a more balanced view as opposed to what is in place right now,” a Conservative party member said from the party’s central London offices.

‘Red’ Ed Miliband, the Labour leader said of the report: “Typical Tories, always jumping to conclusions. I was at the BBC yesterday for a four hour special program about my policies and I did not get any preferential treatment.”

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