Florida City Council Okays Zimmerman Statue

SANFORD - USA - Neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman is to be honoured for his service to the community with a statue being erected in the town where he tragically was embroiled in an altercation.

Sanford, Florida is buzzing with excitement at the prospect of having a George Zimmerman statue directly outside the Town Hall.

It has been nearly a year since the acquittal of George Zimmerman and many feel the time is right for a statue of the neighbourhood watch that served the community so well.

“He’s a hero. He was only doing his job. You can’t ask any more from anyone. If I had a son it would be George Zimmerman,” Angela Brisket, 87, told the Sanford Echo.

The Zimmerman bronze statue will hold pride of place right outside the town hall and the Mayor will conduct an official unveiling on Friday this week.

  • Eric Oppen

    Better to put it on federal property at the post office. That way, vandalizing it is a federal rap. Then put up some security cameras…

  • Bootlips Johnson

    George.Zimmerman, national hero.

  • Mike Smith

    only problem is the niqqers are going to chimpout and start a riot

  • The realist

    Don’t fool around with statues, carve the mans head into Mt. Rushmore.