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F*ck Net Zero We Are in a WAR

LONDON - England - Net Zero can only come after the next global war. It cannot be achieved before the war.

All you blind indoctrinated overly emotional hysterical Net Zero lemmings need to fucking listen up. This is serious. The world is in a state of war, and this state of war is accelerating every day. You may not feel it now, that is apart from the cost of living rising at an exponential rate, but it is going to get worse.

Your cotton wool utopian world of egalitarianism does not exist, and it never has existed. You may look through your eyes and perceive a life of veganism or zero carbon emissions, but that does not exist either. Try to tell the Chinese or Indians about sustainable living while they are daily pumping millions of tonnes of poisonous shit into the fucking atmosphere, rivers and sea every fucking second of the day. Try telling the Chinese about Net Zero when they are building hundreds of coal power stations every fucking day.

You are deluded to think that the world can achieve Net Zero without vast population drops in numbers, and that includes you jumping off a fucking cliff to save the planet. But here’s the good news — yes, Net Zero will most probably be achieved but only after the war which you might or might not survive. It all depends on if the war escalates to nuclear levels, which there is always a chance of happening. Let us call this event Nuke Zero.

The war in Ukraine is just the beginning, it is escalating and will continue to do so as it is Putin’s Sudetenland. The war in Gaza is escalating, with Yemen and the Lebanon, as well as the dark nemesis Iran behind all of the nastiness. There will come a time when Iran will be forced to actively join the fray instead of pulling the strings from the shadows like a simpering yellow coward.

We have been in a proxy war for some time, but at some point the proxy war will melt into a war where the players will outwardly show themselves on the battlefields of Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

More good news — like a turd that refuses to be flushed down the toilet, ISIS are back as well. No doubt, they will add some spice to the mix. Thanks to Biden’s disgraceful exit of Afghanistan, which left hundreds of billions of dollars worth of high end US weaponry, ISIS are now rising again. They lost their territory in Iraq and Syria, so Afghanistan was the next logical step. They will now either takeover from the Taliban or bring them under their wing so that Afghanistan can become the new ISIS Caliphate.

Much like Putin, Xi Jinping of China is awaiting assurance to the efficacy of a Taiwan ‘special military operation’. But it won’t stop there, of course, because the ultimate target is Australia and New Zealand. Remember, through China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Chinese have already colonised half of Africa in order to rape African nations of their natural resources, but still their hunger is not sated. The monstrous Chinese behemoth needs more and more of earth’s finite resources to continue manufacturing their cheap, low-quality plastic trinkets and be the factory for Western conglomerates.

In war, there will not be much talk about carbon emissions or Net Zero, simply because it won’t fucking matter. You can take your Net Zero aspirations to the front lines as shells pound the earth and suicide drones drop out of nowhere to obliterate the carbon emissions emitted from your deluded fucking mouth.

After the nihilists, religious zealots, and jingoistic nationalists have had their fill, if some of the population of the globe has survived, then eventually over many decades they can talk about Net Zero. Not before the war, though, because that is way too premature. You see Net Zero requires a reduced global population, and this can only be achieved by strenuous actions like wars, famine and disease. You want Net Zero so fucking bad, first you’re going to have to be a piece of fucking cannon fodder on the battlefield or be eviscerated in the killing fields of the overcrowded cities around the world.

One day you will achieve Net Zero, don’t worry, it is assured…as much as self-assured destruction is assured. You wanted Net Zero, you protested for it, you will get it, and it will also mean your own erasure from the planet.

Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”

Henry Kissinger: “The Delightful Drums of War Beat Louder Every Day”


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