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Experts: Wokism is Borne From Jealousy of the Success of European Culture

LONDON - England - Wokism is a negative, abusive ideology borne from the fundamental jealousy of European culture and historical achievement.

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The team of experts at the Institute of Technique in Rome, Italy have revealed their findings regarding the study of woke ideology and how wokism has attempted to hijack European history.

“Much of the riots, looting and general anger towards Western European culture is borne from jealousy of European history and wokism is the hateful symptom. There is a fundamental chasm between the culture and technological advancements of Europe and that of people from Sub-Saharan African descent living in the West. This frustration and anger is also reflected by some Sub-Saharan African descended film producers, who have chosen revisionism of history to somehow become relevant. Negationism of history to suit Sub-Saharan African descended audiences is of course based on lies, but it creates a cushion for the people who do not have a valid written documented history and have never achieved any form of technological advancements.

“If we look at Africa today in the year 2023 there are people who are still living in mud huts, the same as they were living 2,500 years ago during the height of the Great Roman Empire. Advancements in technology, science, culture, administration and architecture are worlds apart when looking at the two continents. Europeans have a rich written history dating back thousands of years, whereas Sub-Saharan African people have next to nothing.

ancient rome
Street in Rome, 2,500 years ago

“These are some of the reasons why there is such frustration amongst some Sub-Saharan African descended people who have appropriated the Western culture and are living in Western developed nations. They are frustrated and jealous of the success of European culture and technology. They wear the clothes of Europeans and have even adopted the names of Europeans given to them hundreds of years ago. Sub-Saharan African descended people have also adopted en masse the religion of the Europeans — Christianity.

“So, here we have these people who are somehow living within white European society, but they still feel that something is missing from them, of course, it is their own lost culture that is missing, especially as these people have appropriated the culture of the Europeans.

“Western culture and society has made great leaps in trying to accommodate this fundamental disparity in modern times. Through the use of positive discrimination, where Sub-Saharan African descended people are placed in jobs and education establishments purely on the basis of colour and not their ability, as well as including Sub-Saharan African descended people in all media. These techniques are far removed from the days of segregation in the USA, as well as the apartheid in South Africa, which caused great pain and animosity between Europeans and people of Sub-Saharan African descent.

“The terrible fact is that Europeans are themselves a victim of their own huge success as a society and culture. Their technological advances were millions of times more in levels of progression than other indigenous cultures. Their standards of life were beyond any metre that people of Sub-Saharan African descent could even understand hundreds of years ago. It is best not to mention IQ (Sub Saharan IQ average is 66) as being the sole reason for this, but possibly because the northern European climates were so harsh to live in during the winters and ice age that European people who had moved away from the African continent thousands of years ago saw an increase in their brain sizes and ingenuity simply to survive. The subsequent inter-breeding with Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals also created gene mutations that increased intelligence, amongst other positives that enhanced and evolved the Europeans genetically.

city of rome wokism
Rome 2,500 years ago

“Naturally, the people of Sub-Saharan African descent feel a great resentment towards the colonial Europeans, who were technologically far superior to their African ancestors. There is a lot of blame put on the Europeans for slavery, despite the fact that African tribal kings and business minded Africans were the ones willingly selling their own people for blankets, guns, and alcohol.

“Today, there is something that has infected European culture, it is a sort of “white guilt” borne from wokism, where Europeans are meant to feel ashamed for their historical and present time technological and societal success and decry their ancestors for that very success. This has led to forced multiculturalism with millions and millions of people imported into urban ghettos where “white flight” then takes place. These places within Europe, Australia and America become awful places to live, where crime and depravation prevail.

“For those of white European descent, to move away is thus called white flight, to move in to an area is called gentrification, to even register a person’s colour is racist, to not see a person’s colour is unconscious bias, to engage with a minority is deemed as cultural appropriation, and to not engage is called non-inclusive behaviour. Europeans are thus doomed to a life of dodging this, dodging that, they are the true victims of their own success, and now are forced to stoop low to accommodate the people who made little or no effort thousands of years ago to advance technologically and scientifically. Wokism is a disruptive, bullying, authoritarian attack on everything that is European in nature, including its history, its culture and its future.”


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