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Transgenderism Symbolises the New Age of Baphomet

LONDON - England - Transgenderism is being pushed by the highest levels for specific reasons.

You may wonder why transgenders and transgenderism are given the highest level of attention and this minority are lauded so highly by the elite establishment?

Transgenderism is everywhere these days, pushed in all media, advertising, film, music and even beer. It is a form of transhumanism, a form of transcending the biological into something else that is different to the ordinary human. In esoteric terms, the rise of transgenderism heralds the beginning of the new age of Baphomet, especially as previously dominant religions like Christianity are on the wane.

George Washington statue by Horatio Greenough in the National Museum of American History. Commissioned by Congress in 1832

Baphomet is a symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions, the origin of which some occultists have attempted to link with the Gnostics and Templars, although occasionally purported to be a deity or a demon.

Transgenderism is thus part of this symbolic ode to Baphomet, as this androgynous symbol is depicted as the signalling of a revolutionary heretical tradition that embraces the “emancipation of humanity” and the establishment of a perfect social order incorporating the ideals of romantic and utopian socialism.

Transgenderism also symbolises a new age of decreased population through many techniques which have been in place for over fifty years but are only now coming to fruition.

The future being introduced by the elite controllers, especially by entities like the WEF, UN, EU is one of all-encompassing transition towards a new age. The current Biden administration is a continuation of the Obama term, Joe Biden is a silent front to a former agenda that was nearly ruined by Donald J. Trump. To continue the transgender Baphomet agenda, the next president has to be the third term for Obama, the man behind Biden. Transhumanism will mean augmentation of the human body from one form to an infinitesimal deluge of hybrid transformational forms transcending biological humans, not only in brain power but in actual physical form.

What will be seen as an affront to Christianity will be hailed as a representational victory to Baphomet and the disciples to this deity, as the technological progress will far supersede any natural biological form, humans will be given only two choices, progress to the next level or be left behind to perish.

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