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Anti-Trump Jury Convicts Trump of Raping Woman He Never Met?

NEW YORK - USA - A partisan Democrat Party picked anti-Trump jury have convicted the President of raping a woman he never met in his life.

Allegedly, according to a hand-picked anti-Trump jury selected by Democrat Party officials specifically to halt or mar Trump’s 2024 presidential candidacy, President Trump raped a woman who he never met in his life.

“How do you rape a woman you never met in your life before?” one man asked.

“It’s easy, if your name is Trump, specifically Donald, aka The Don, these are the kinda dirty tricks the Democrats will partake in trying to fuck over your candidacy. Because they have a rotting corpse Obama zombie in the race, they are seriously scared and will do anything, I reiterate — anything to stop Trump. Donald, he can actually string a sentence together. The Biden zombie cannot even string a coherent sentence together or remember what he did five minutes ago.”

It is quite ironic that Trump is being blamed for pretty much every sexual crime in America, when according to the alleged diary of Biden’s own daughter, Ashley, when she was very young, she used to have long prolonged showers with her dad, allegedly. But, shush, because Creepy Joe is a Democrat, he is protected, and he can get away with anything without fear of prosecution.

As for Hunter Biden …

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