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Election 2024: Mass Exodus From Tory Party to Reform Party

LONDON - England - Currently, there is a mass exodus of former Tory voters moving towards the Reform UK Party.

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The figures are astounding and are still accelerating at an exponential level, the mass exodus of former Tory party voters to Farage endorsed Reform Party headed by Richard Tice.

Disillusioned former Conservative Party members and voters are flocking to the Reform UK Party where the real tenets of national sovereignty, Brexit, defence and low tax are still upheld.

“The Tory party are not Tories anymore. There’s no other way of putting it. High tax, high inflation, autocratic, and EU centric with no Brexit benefits. They have ruined and squandered Brexit, and have condemned millions of households across the UK to poverty. We don’t want Labour either and urge every true Brexiteer and Briton to vote Reform UK,” a disenchanted former Tory voter revealed on Sunday.

As for Red Wall voters, they abandoned Labour, and were then taken for granted by the Tories, who used them for votes. Many Red Wall voters are now joining Reform UK as well.

Yes, we must address the dilution of votes during the election, which will probably bring forth either a hung parliament or Labour win. Whatever happens is a warning to any political party — if you abandon your key voters and completely ignore your election promises, not only will your party lose, but the entire nation will be condemned to the eternal terror of being ruled by Labour.

UKIP made a difference, and this is why Reform UK can make a difference.

Reform: make changes in (something, especially an institution or practice) in order to improve it: the Bill will reform the tax system. cause (someone) to relinquish an immoral, criminal, or self-destructive lifestyle: the state has a duty to reform criminals. • 

ORIGIN: Middle English (as a verb in the senses restore (peace) and bring back to the original condition): from Old French reformer or Latin reformare, from re- back + formare to form, shape. The noun dates from the mid 17th century.

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