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More Royal Gossip and Tattle Tales From Harry and Meghan

MONTECITO - USA - All forms of media are now saturated with the latest tattle tale royal gossip money spinning rants from Harry and Meghan.

Gossip, gossip, gossip! It’s more misinformation, more she said, he said vindictive whiffle-whaffle insignificant Jerry Springer nonsense sold to Americans by Harry and Meghan. The most mystifying thing is, if these two miscreant narcissistic grumbletonian losers hate the British monarchy so much, why are they touting the Sussex name everywhere they go? Surely, they would renounce the titles? Money, you say? Surely not?

Selling tittle tattle to America to line their purses seems to be the order of the day, all the while King Charles III and his court stays firm with a dignified silence. Maybe, something does need to be done eventually because it won’t stop until Charles seizes the right moment to retaliate, or alternatively he is playing the self destruction ploy by letting these two mentally ill schizoid chavs slowly destroy themselves via the media they supposedly hate so much.

Another question? Who would want to be associated with Harry and Meghan in the future, especially if the vindictive narcissists always spill the beans to Netflix or some other trashy tabloid company? Why would anyone ever reveal anything to these selfish leaky pair of grifters? One could even posit that they are national security liabilities, especially by leaking insider royal secrets for profit.

They still have fans though, usually from the woke cult and delighted African Americans championing their own ‘princess syndrome’ deranged whacko bully who is on a racial onslaught to ruin the British.

With no way to shut these morons up, the media is full to the brim with their daily press releases controlled by some plastic surgeried pompous pansy freak. They left Britain supposedly from the hated media attention but now you can’t go anywhere without seeing their latest moan festival. It is vomitous, toe curling displays of narcissism that is distressing. Every day, every hour, the constant tales recounted of that time six years ago when some fucking insignificant episode occurred. Get over it you loathsome suppurating puss balls. Saccharine displays of your jet set polluting 17-bathroom fake love affair on Netfix are a diatribe to excess and gluttony, the sycophantic plasticity of their horrible series where they are showcased in woke glory is disgusting. It is preferable to have one’s eyeballs gouged out with blunt pencils than to watch more than 30 seconds of that contrived fake show dedicated to narcissism in its purest form.

Begone, cursed effluent streaming from the derrière of these torrid useless gossip merchants, you are not wanted, you are vile pimples on the anal sphincter of inhumanity. Your utterly fake claims of benevolence and fake empathy are totally transparent. Make your blood money and go, shut your mouths for one second and stop moaning about your privileged luxurious lifestyles spreading millions of tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere with your daily private jet flights and one mile per gallon SUV fleets.

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