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Sunak Talks About Maths While People Die in Hospital Corridors

LONDON - England - Unelected Rishi Sunak concentrates on maths education while people are dying on NHS hospital corridor floors.

Today, unelected PM Rishi Sunak outlined his wishes that the most popular A-level in the UK, maths, should have some sort of vague initiative for all students at 18. Where is your fucking head at, mate? If you are so into mathematics, why not add up the amount of strikes that are being held across the country, or the amount of hospital beds needed by millions of sick people inundating overcrowded crumbling NHS hospitals.

“My darling Billionaire Rishi likes his maths because it allows him to count his money. This is a useful skill to have and gives him great pleasure every night when he comes home. He likes to count his holdings in this, and to count his holdings in other stocks. Counting your vast wealth is almost as pleasurable as having a wank, but not quite there. Rishi, then, goes to sleep and forgets about everything else. Why bother with other people when you are all well sorted for life? Everything and everyone else comes second fiddle when you have to constantly count your wealth fluctuations, especially during a great economic depression,” Sunak’s wife revealed to the Telegraph.

As food inflation rises daily to 15%; as mortgage rates rise daily, as rail ticket prices rise daily, as tax rates rise daily, as fuel prices rise daily … there is no respite to the insanity of the unelected PM Rishi Sunak, who has no mandate whatsoever to tell people what to fucking study at 18.

Go back to sleep in your ivory tower Sunak. The NHS is a crumbling mess, there are no ambulances and people are literally dying in hospital corridors on trolleys. Maths is a good skill to have when you are left in a cold corridor for 24 hours with internal haemorrhaging and blood dripping from your mouth.

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