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Blabber Mouth Harry: “No! I am Not a National Security Threat”

LOS ANGELES - USA - Despite blabbing to the press, revealing secrets that endanger the royal family, former prince, Harry, claims he is not a national security threat.

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What else is this guy going to reveal? Singing like a canary, Harry, the former royal who still uses his royal titles for monetary profit despite his obvious hatred of the entire British monarchy, is divulging information that is clearly damaging to not only the Windsors, but the whole nation of Great Britain as well. This is a clear case of Harry now being a definite national security threat.

Major General Stuart Harris from the Green Howard’s Yorkshire Regiment, quipped: “There is no doubt now that, Harry, when he was a member of the armed forces, would have spilled the beans immediately, giving away names, coordinates, and plans without batting an eyelid, if he were ever captured by the dastardly enemy.”

Who Else Will He Betray Next?

There is a genuine sadness in watching someone who many looked up to with delight for their qualities of strength, duty and ability to relate to others with such enthusiasm, fall from grace in such a sordid manner.

When will this petulant spoiled brat, who has had everything given to them, even having teachers at Eton do their A-levels, and handed multi-million taxpayer funded weddings, private jet flights, £6 million refurbishments learn that it is their own narcissism and arrogance that is killing their own, refusing to look inside their behaviour instead of blaming others all the time?

“Harry used to be a good bloke once, now he’s just a tattle tale who is selfishly destroying the very establishment that entrusted him with a divine knowledge and secrets passed on for centuries. I see him now, and see a coward, a double-crosser who has gone to immense lengths to not only destroy others, but to destroy himself as well. Harry, is an opprobrious squealer rat, dazzled by the glamour and greed of the false light of Hollywood. His mother would be appalled to see this broken dramatist shuffling around the very paparazzi who haunted her life so, courting them at every moment yet pretending to deny them simultaneously. Pathetic vagabond automaton Harry, is now a vile cumbersome retch stumbling aimlessly in his own broken mind, neglecting care or thought for others, a self-absorbed selfish parsimonious swine quisling,” a former acquaintance, commented.

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