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Princess Charlotte has a Very ‘Unroyal’ and Relatable Hobby

WINDSOR - England - Princess Charlotte is obsessed with a very "unroyal" hobby, according to dad Prince William.

The Prince of Wales visited St George’s Park in Burton upon Trent in 2022, where he officiated the opening of another betting shop on the High Street. The main shopping area of the town centre now has over 453 betting shops, along with the odd fried chicken takeaway and mobile phone shops. The royal offspring, including Princess Charlotte did not attend during the visit.

There, the royal boasted about his daughter’s talent in nose picking to manager Seamus McManus: “Charlotte wanted me to tell you that she’s superb at picking her nose. She said, ‘Please tell them that’. Loves to flick those bogeys at the palace servants and oiks!”

But that wasn’t the only time the princess’s love for nose picking was spoken about.

Earlier this year, her mum the Princess of Wales revealed how much Charlotte enjoyed the exquisite art of flicking greenies, she took part in a prolonged bogey flicking session at a branch of a Woking pizza restaurant last year when she enjoyed herself thoroughly as she surreptitiously flicked massive bogeys from afar onto other customer’s pizzas.

She even said the young royal is quite competitive at it.

The manageress of the pizza restaurant, Guido Cunningham, said that Princess Kate mentioned her three children’s love of nose picking, but Charlotte really stood out.

“Prince Andrew has been a regular at our restaurant for many years, and when Princess Charlotte turned up with her mum, she was wonderful. We all cheered as she flicked her gargantuan royal bogeys onto the pizzas of customers. There would be another massive cheer as the customer unknowingly ate the pizza. Fun times!”

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