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Feminists Now Want “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” Banned

LONDON - England - "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" is to be banned by 5th Wave feminists and GB News.


Puritan, psychotic misandrist 5th Wave feminists now want the wonderful comedy film “Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me” permanently banned and all copies of the movie burned on a bonfire along with every man on the planet’s testicles.


“It is a disgusting carnal misogynistic film where Austin Powers shags his way through multiple female spies and the worst part of it is that this horrid man says the word ‘shag’!” a feminist member of establishment media news revealed.

Caught in the middle of this debacle is GB News who claims to be a news company that is not part of the ‘establishment’ but actually are part of the establishment and have turned into a puritan edifice of hyper-sensitive politically correct sewage infested shit piles of inequity. A sad turn of affairs, as they once had some modicum of reasonable promise.

“As is the case with establishment news organisations and media who are pandering to wokism and 5th wave feminists, the core of this problem comes down to the advertisers and woke companies, who dictate everything. The advertising agencies have all now gone extreme woke and are invariably tied to their ESG scores and the WEF. This sort of soviet political correctness and puritanism is a direct influence from the pieces of shit who run advertising agencies these days. These ad companies are now run by stasi virtue-signalling woke arseholes who pander to ESG obsessed companies that commission ads from their companies. Any form of un-woke naughtiness on a media company that shows ads is now completely cancelled. Wokism as a weaponised soviet censorship system thus limits the scope of human expression and commerce. Every advert created today is an abhorrent travesty and insult to the original concept of advertising, and a fucking disgrace,” a former advertising executive from the 90s revealed.

The Spy Who Shagged Me

Well, there it is. You cannot say the word ‘shag’ anymore, you cannot say you want to shag a woman, or inversely you cannot say you don’t want to shag a feminist ideology spouting woman.

No more shagging for Austin Powers, either…looks like Dr. Evil really did win in the end…

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  1. I love to be shagged. Feminists are women who no one wants to shag and this is why they are so bitter. Pooh off and leave us real women alone.

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