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AI is Great But How Many App Subscriptions Do You Have to Buy?

LONDON - England - AI sites peddling certain niche services are everywhere now, but how many subscriptions do you have to buy as an AI consumer?

This is getting ridiculous, and truly unmanageable. The proliferation of AI sites and apps across the internet has been enormous, but is it an efficient model? Yes, competition between developers is a good thing, but why is each developer just concentrating on one niche AI function? All this means is that the AI user has to get subscriptions from each niche AI peddler, and this can be a tiresome, expensive endeavour.

Why not have an AI developer who brings all AI functions under one roof with a more reasonable pricing structure?

One developer is peddling AI created music, another animation, another visuals, another is peddling voice synthesis, another is a question/answer model. To complete certain tasks for the consumer of AI products, you will have to visit multiple sites, maybe purchase subscriptions from each site, complete specific AI tasks, then go back to your computer editing software and stitch all this shit together somehow. This is not a good way of working, especially as each different site has its own intricate AI foibles.

With subscriptions here, subscriptions there, it all adds up until by the end of the year you could literally be paying thousands in subscriptions alone.

We need one fucking mega developer with all AI processes in one fucking place. Like if you want to create a mini film or animation, or whatever you have planned, you can go to one place and the AI models will all be incorporated as a singular engine. Maybe, this is simplifying the process as we are not developers, but surely it can be completed by a dedicated team of AI devs?



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