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Man Electrocuted During Electric Car ‘Charge Rage’ Incident

CUMBRIA - England - The new phenomenon of charge rage is now all too prevalent as there are not enough chargers to service electric vehicle users.

Competition to power up electric cars is leading to “charge rage” among drivers, as well as “range anxiety”. Tragedy befell a man who was involved in a terrible episode of “charge rage” when he inadvertently jumped a massive 3-mile-long queue of electric car users trying to get to an overcrowded charge point on the M6 in Tebay, Cumbria.

“This fella jumped the queue in his Tesla and hurriedly tried to connect the charger to his car. He was ranting and raving like a lunatic. He must have earthed himself and touched the charge points. The bloke lit up like a fucking Christmas tree. He literally fried like an egg, there was smoke even coming from his eye sockets and ears,” one witness at the charge rage incident revealed.

Police who attended the EV cremation event could do nothing but watch as someone tried to switch the electricity off from the mains. There were no ambulances because of strike action, so afterwards the police bundled up the smoking corpse into the back of one of their vans.

“It smelled like a barbecue gone wrong, you know, all charred up and black. We were on the way to a kebab for our break but afterwards decided against it,” police constable, Peter Scratchings, added.

The problem many EV users find is that there are very few charge points across the country compared to the large amount of EVs. The scarcity of charge points only creates range anxiety, and many EV users are thus emotional wrecks when driving their vehicles.

“We saw one man bawling like a big baby as his ludicrously expensive electric car was stranded in the middle of Wales. He had run out of charge and his mobile phone was out of battery as well. We drove by him and shouted “Stick with petrol, mate!” and he continued crying like a big fucking baby,” a regular driver revealed on a driving forum.

It’s commonplace for drivers to unplug a vehicle left on charge and to plug their own vehicle in. This is called “charge rustling” and many electric vehicle drivers have succumbed to this type of skulduggery.

“I saw a woman go into a shop to buy some food while her car was charging. When she came out, her charge plug was in another car. Annoyed, she banged on the car window and a large black man stepped out. She said sorry and went to the back of the queue without saying another word,” a witness recounted.

Currently, the government has no plans to increase the number of chargers across the tiny island of Britain. Here’s to zero carbon emissions.

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